Matt Williams, and Darth Vader - Seperated at birth

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Matt Williams, and Darth Vader - Seperated at birth

For years I’ve held a strong distaste for Darth Vader. Partially for freezing Han Solo in carbonite, partially for leaving Luke with a mechanical hand (That was a big night for Vader in “Empire Strikes Back”, huh? Lots of action).

Similarly, I’ve always hated Matt Williams. Mostly because he was a member of those god damn 2001 World Series Champion Arizona Diamondbacks…ugh. As a Yankee fan, the image of that roided up Luis Gonzalez jumping up and down makes me want to stick a bar straw in my eye.

Now I have reason to believe the two of them are either A) The same person, B) twins, C) just happen to resemble each other….

I’ll keep convincing myself it’s A or B….

Here’s the evidence…



Team StreamTM

Out of Bounds

World Cup (Cricket)

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