Mike Tomlin Bans All Games and Toys from the Pittsburgh Steelers Locker Room

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Mike Tomlin Bans All Games and Toys from the Pittsburgh Steelers Locker Room
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That’s it—Mike Tomlin isn’t playing games anymore. 

Things are becoming serious in Pittsburgh, and the Steelers head coach has had just about enough of the jokes, japes and tomfoolery.

So what’s his answer to their woeful four-loss start? How is the coach going to wrestle his ship around and put the team on course?

No more shuffleboard in the locker room.

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Yes, the Steelers head coach is taking away all the games and toys in the team locker room, according to Paul Sacca of Next Impulse Sports. 

After starting the season 0-4, Tomlin has had enough of the horseplay and monkeyshines. The banned games and items will include pool, ping pong and shuffleboard, among other things. 

According to Sacca’s report, the ban began weeks ago and only applied to players who had been with the organization for less than four years. In other words, Troy Polamalu could play skee ball, but Le'Veon Bell could only watch. (I’m assuming the Steelers have skee ball in their locker room, because this ban makes it sound like a Dave & Busters.)

With that said, all Steelers players are now up the creek without a paddle ball, as veterans are now included in the ban. 

Steelers offensive lineman Ramon Foster spoke to ESPN’s Scott Brown about Tomlin’s new toy rules, and he said he believes the ban will be good for the team’s focus.

“It makes everyone focus on football right now, which is A-OK with me,” Foster told Brown. 

No more games and toys might make the Steelers dull boys, but at this point, what do they have to lose?

They have to start winning games or start getting creative with their locker room entertainment. Remember—you can always pass off “Capture the Flag” as "evasive warm-ups."

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