De Rosa Keeps Making More Sense...

ed feverCorrespondent IMay 21, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 18:  Mark DeRosa #7  of the Cleveland Indians in the field against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium on April 18, 2009 in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

It's plain and simple; the Mets need to make a trade, there's no way for them to remain competitive with Carlos Delgado, Alex Cora, and Jose Reyes out of the line-up.

With no one out for the season, I understand the team needs to find a player who will fit-in and not be an expensive bench player if and when everybody returns.
The perfect answer is Mark DeRosa, the super utility player is good enough to start at any position, except center field and catcher.
Here's a breakdown positionally of DeRosa's 12 seasons, in which he's played 890 games (10 gms. at DH)...
302 gms. at 2B
239 gms. at 3B
152 gms. at RF
139 gms. at SS
42 gms. at LF
17 gms. at 1B
The 34 year old right handed hitter has a lifetime BA of .278 with a .422 slg. pct.. This year he is hitting .255 with a Slg. pct. .427 in 38 games.
An added benefit is that De Rosa is a New Jersey native, so he'd be familiar with the NY sports scene.
De Rosa is in his walk year in which he's owed 5.5 MM for the rest of the year, the Indians sent two low level prospects to the Cubs for De Rosa in the off-season...
DeRosa makes $5.5 million in the final year of his contract and Jamey Carroll is making $2 million. Putz is making $5 million this year with a $1 million buyout on an $8.6 million 2010 option. Both DeRosa and Putz are under performing from expectations. Still, I wonder if there is the cornerstone for a deal here for two struggling teams to try and help each other. Carroll and DeRosa are two of the majors' more versatile players. Neither has played shortstop regularly in a while, but both would have to be better options than Martinez. Plus their versatility would help a team with those depth issues. source NY Post