New Orleans Saints Interested in Michael Vick?

Alex RodriguezCorrespondent IMay 21, 2009

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 24:  Quarterback Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons runs the ball against the Carolina Panthers December 24, 2006 at The Georgia Dome in Atlanta,Georgia  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Many know Michael Vick has just been released from prison. Many people also know the crime that Vick committed—which got him suspended from the NFL and two years in prison.

Now many of you might be wondering why I am writing this on the Saints' page, but after the owners meeting they discussed the future of Michael Vick and owner Tom Benson said he is not ruling out the possibility of trading for  Michael Vick if he is allowed back into the NFL.

Now this is a head scratcher for me. I never expected the Saints to be even interested in Michael Vick, and although many people feel that Vick should not be allowed into the NFL, and some say he is an over rated quarterback, but here are my reasons the Saints  go after Vick and the way we will use him.

One of the reasons Vick could join the Saints is simply as a backup quarterback and at the running back position. This would give us valuable depth and we could release a quarterback and a running back from the roster to add more depth at other positions—mostly defensive tackle and across the offensive line.

Reason number two is, maybe the Saints want to use Vick's athleticism for other positions, maybe wide receiver. Vick has explosive speed and could very well dominate at either three positions being running back, quarterback, or wide receiver.

The Saints could very well be looking at adding some "Wildcat" to the already explosive offense. If the Saints brought in a Michael Vick it would be a temptation to run some of the Wildcat  in the 2009 season which could keep defenses on their heels when Vick and Brees both line up in the shot gun.

Vick could throw the ball and could run many option plays. This would also keep Drew Brees healthier, when games are put away Michael Vick could come in to take over for the rest of the game.

The running back position seems more logical for the Saints. The poor rushing attack crippled their offense last season. Vick is explosive on the run and can always make defenders miss.

In his six year career Vick has ran the ball 529 times with 3,859 yards—a 7.3 average and 21 rushing touchdowns—pretty impressive for a quarterback. Now all this is a plus and would be great to have with the Saints but his problems are fumbling. Vick has fumbled 55 times in his career.

I truthfully would love the addition of Michael Vick to the New Orleans Saints in the backfield. He would bring something to this offense that no other offense will have. Vick will also be another dynamic player to booster the, already, No. 1 ranked offense in 2008.

Although I highly doubt this would happen seeing that Michael Vick still belongs to the Atlanta Falcon,s but if Vick did come to the New Orleans Saints, I for one, would see this as a great addition. Whatever benefits the team and wins games is good for me.