Why Won't Floyd Mayweather Fight Top Welterweights?

james stansberryContributor IMay 20, 2009

LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 04:  Carlos Baldomir (R) of Argentina connects to the face of Floyd Mayweather during their WBC Welterweight Championship fight at the Mandalay Bay Events Center November 4, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Well, here we go again. For a fight fan such as myself, these last few years have been good. Just when you come down off the adrenaline of a huge fight like Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton, with all its hype and excitement, here comes another great fight to start the cycle of blogging.

The fight I am referring to is Cotto vs. Clottey. Two top welterweights who are facing off for supremacy, and hopefully a showdown with Shane Mosely. Welterweights are fast like the smaller guys, but with middleweight type power for those of us who don't mind seeing somebody put to sleep.

Oh, what’s that you say? You didn't think I was going to mention the Cotto-Clottey fight as the next big fight?

Instead, you probably expected me to buy into this hooplah about Floyd Mayweather’s return to the ring to face a lightweight as the best thing happening in boxing. Sorry to disappoint the many Mayweather fans, but I am not impressed at all. (Brian Kenny from ESPN doesn't appear to be either.)

What I would like to know is this, how does a fighter get to be a pound for pound best when he flat out refuses to fight the best guys in his own division? Fight fans, The Ring Magazine, and countless bloggers (along with myself) have been screaming for Mayweather to fight Miguel Cotto and "Sugar" Shane Mosely for years now. There was always an excuse, a reason why he was ducking them. I thought there was no way he would be able to duck Cotto without hearing it from the fans of boxing, but he did.

To make things worse he retired, leaving the debate to go on forever. Could Cotto cut off the ring and get to Floyd’s body? Did Shane still have enough left in the tank to give the Pretty Boy his first professional loss? We would never know the answers to these questions.

Well, Shane Mosely absolutely destroyed Antonio Margaritto, and in the meantime in Cotto's comeback fight he looked as sharp as ever. Then the news came out, Floyd is coming out of retirement. I knew it, the answers we have all been waiting for.

The welterweight division just got deeper, as if that was even possible. What, JMM? That's whom Floyd is fighting? Are you serious? Isn't he still a welterweight? Wait, let me get this right. Floyd is coming back and fighting a lightweight and you people applaud him for this?

Emmanual Stewart, world renowned trainer and founder of the famous Kronk Gym, said this of Mayweather and Cotto after Cotto's annihilation of Zab Judah and defeat of Shane Mosely, "Cotto is at the top, he is No. 1, I don't even consider Mayweather at the top (of the welterweight division) because he is not going to get in the ring with this guy. After Cotto there are three or four guys battling for No. 2, but Mayweather can't be in the conversation because he won't fight any of them for whatever reason."

As a life long boxing fan this makes me sick to my stomach. Floyd Mayweather openly says he will not fight Cotto or Mosely or Margaritto, then comes out of retirement to fight a lightweight and he thinks he is working his way back to the p4p list?
The worst part about this is that people who supposedly know boxing act like Floyd is doing something courageous.

And for all the people who want to say Floyd has never ducked anybody and isn't afraid of anybody, look at the quote from Manny Stewart, you think you know more than him? I didn't think so. So PBF is fighting JMM? Big deal, let me know when he gets the gumption to fight the top guys in his own division, it might take a while.