Olympic Torch Relay 2014: Full Route for Historic Flame's Journey to Sochi

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Olympic Torch Relay 2014: Full Route for Historic Flame's Journey to Sochi
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent the Winter Olympic flame off on its epic journey through Russia and the Arctic Circle in a special ceremony in Moscow.

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Over the next 123 days, 14,000 torchbearers will take the relay across 65,000 kilometres of terrain, covering all 83 regions of Russia. Once complete it will become the longest relay in the history of the Winter Olympics.

The torch itself had already travelled from Athens, Greece where it collected its flame from a special solar ignitor.

NHL star and two-time Hockey World Champion Alexander Ovechkin was the first Russian to carry the torch, telling the official Sochi 2014 website:

It was a great honor for me to become the first Russian torchbearer. I am really happy and proud to have been at the Lighting Ceremony of the Olympic Torch for it is precisely this event that launches the largest national Olympic Torch Relay in Olympic history.

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The tour will culminate in the opening ceremony of the games in Sochi, by the Black Sea, on February 7th 2014.

Already there's been some teething problems, with one runner's torch losing its light during a leg around the Kremlin, but such errors were to expected given the scale of the journey at hand.

The torch will also travel to the North Pole via a nuclear-powered icebreaker ship, ascend to the top of Europe's highest peak Mount Elbrus, descend to the bottom of Lake Baikal in Siberia and head out on a spacewalk on board the International Space Station.

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During the relay's Moscow starting ceremony, Putin spoke of what the games mean to Russia and how his country will leave their own unique mark on the history of the Winter Olympics, as reported by the BBC:

Our shared dream is becoming reality. Today is a joyous and momentous day. The Olympic flame—the symbol of the planet's main sports event, the symbol of peace and friendship—has arrived in Russia, and in a few minutes it will be on its way around our huge country.

Tuesday, the Olympic flame arrives in the ancient city of Kolomna, which is home to one of only four 400m indoor speed-skating rinks in Russia. From there, the torch will pass through another 130 cities.

In total, the relay will pass through 132 cities, all of which are listed below.

Russian cities on the 2014 Winter Olympic relay route 

A screenshot of the torch relay map via torchrelay.sochi2014.com.

Torch Relay Destinations - Sochi 2014
Number City Number City Number City
1 Moscow 45 Salekhard 89 Togliatti
2 Kolomna 46 Nefteyugansk 90 Samara
3 Odintsovo 47 Khanty-Mansiysk 91 Ulyanovsk
4 Arkhangelskoe 48 Norilsk 92 Cheboksary
5 Krasnogorsk 49 Mirny 93 Yoshkar-Ola
6 Dmitrov 50 Yakutsk 94 Sviyazhsk
7 Torzhok 51 Magadan 95 Kazan
8 Tver 52 Anadyr 96 Izhevsk
9 Rzhev 53 Elizovo 97 Kungur
10 Smolensk 54 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 98 Perm
11 Yukhnov 55 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 99 Kirov
12 Kaluga 56 Vladivostok 100 Nizhny Novgorod
13 Yasnaya Polyana 57 Khabarovsk 101 Saransk
14 Novomoskovsk 58 Birobidzhan 102 Penza
15 Tula 59 Belogorsk 103 Saratov
16 Ryazan 60 Blagoveshchensk 104 Tambov
17 Murom 61 Chita 105 Michurinsk
18 Vladimir 62 Ulan-Ude 106 Lipetsk
19 Suzdal 63 Irkutsk 107 Elets
20 Ivanovo 64 Divnogorsk 108 Orel
21 Plyos 65 Krasnoyarsk 109 Bryansk
22 Kostroma 66 Abakan 110 Kursk
23 Yaroslavl 67 Kyzyl 111 Belgorod
24 Vologda 68 Kemerovo 112 Voronezh
25 Petrozavodsk 69 Tomsk 113 Uryupinsk
26 Pryazha 70 Gorno-Altaysk 114 Volgograd
27 Olonets 71 Barnaul 115 Novocherkassk
28 Veliky Novgorod 72 Novosibirsk 116 Shakhty
29 Izborsk 73 Kuibyshev 117 Rostov-on-Don
30 Pskov 74 Barabinsk 118 Pyatigorsk
31 Gatchina 75 Kalachinsk 119 Stavropol
32 St. Petersburg 76 Omsk 120 Elista
33 Kronstadt 77 Tyumen 121 Yshkul
34 Lomonosov 78 Tobolsk 122 Astrakhan
35 Petergof 79 Nizhny Tagil 123 Makhachkala
36 Pushkin 80 Ekaterinburg 124 Grozny
37 Svetlogorsk 81 Kamensk-Uralskiy 125 Magas
38 Kaliningrad 82 Kurgan 126 Nazran
39 Murmansk 83 Shadrinsk 127 Vladikavkaz
40 Severodvinsk 84 Chelyabinsk 128 Nalchik
41 Arkhangelsk 85 Magnitogorsk 129 Cherkessk
42 Syktyvkar 86 Ufa 130 Maykop
43 Naryan-Mar 87 Orenburg 131 Krasnodar
44 Novy Urengoy 88 Syzran 132 Sochi

Sochi 2014

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