I'm Still Laughing: The Denver Debacle and Proof McMahon Is Not an Idiot

Josh McClureContributor IMay 20, 2009

ORANGE, CA - MAY 08:  Wrestler Vince McMahon arrives at the Lions Gate Premiere of 'See No Evil' at the Century Stadium Promenade 25 on May 8, 2006 in Orange, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Having been busy most of the day, I had been limited to Internet access.  Once I was able to finally get some free time, I pulled up ESPN's website to see the day's news in the world of sports.

Immediately "WWE" in the headlines caught my eye, as ESPN rarely makes mention of professional wrestling. Typically this only happens when its something negative to report.

However, I was humored to discover that it was a dispute over who got to use the Pepsi Center in Denver on Monday, May 25.

Seeing how the Nuggets and Lakers are slated to play Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals, this posed a little problem.

Outside media got in on the story.  One writer took a humorous approach and even proposed both taking place at the same time: Nuggets, WWE in heated battle over arena

While the NBA was quick to push the issue aside and leave it to Nuggets and Pepsi Center owner Stan Kroenke to Resolve the situation, Vince McMahon was not about to go without being heard.

In what was a mildly comical situation, the individual from ESPN that interviewed Mr. McMahon was none other than former WWE employee Jonathon Coachman.

In the interview, Vince stated that Mr. Kroenke should be arrested for "impersonating a good businessman" and that they should settle the dispute in a cage match.

Vince also pulled no punches when he called out Kroenke by accusing him of having no faith in his team by booking an event during a possible playoff situation.

In one final jab at Kroenke, McMahon offered no ill will towards the Nuggets, but he had a gift for Kroenke: a Kobe Bryant jersey.

The fact that Vince made as much out of this situation as he did may seem ridiculous and out of line to some, but in reality it is genius.

Why? Two words: Free Publicity.

While wrestling has slowly become more and more mainstream, it still has the stigmas and stereotypes that are attached to it that turn most people off.

However, anytime you can get your product out there, especially for free, you take it.

The WWE has not been immune to the difficulties of the economy.  This has been seen in lower PPV buys and the releases of many individuals in the company.  In other words the free advertising has likely been more than welcome.

Unfortunately for the WWE Universe in Denver, they will have to wait until August to see their favorite RAW superstars.  The Staples Center in Los Angeles opened their doors and so that is RAW will set up shop this Monday.

Slightly ironic that it is the home of the Nuggets' opposition.