Vikings OTA 5/20: Peterson Brushes Off Favre Talk, Likes Team Focus

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IMay 20, 2009

No matter what Vikings running back Adrian Peterson says, he will still get questions about Brett Favre and about the potential of him coming out of retirement for a second time to lead the offense. However, during Wednesday's organized team activity (OTA), Peterson again reiterated his feelings about Favre and the quarterbacks they currently have on the roster.

“I look at the situation and it is what it is,” Peterson said. “Every year you’ve got guys coming in trying to take your spot, compete for your spot.

"Speaking on Brett Favre, he’s a Hall of Fame quarterback. I have much respect for him but the guys that I’m surrounded around, Tarvaris Jackson, Sage, don’t really know too much about him. But those are the guys that we’re leaning on right now.

"So that has been my main focus is really getting myself prepared, not get caught up in any type of Brett Favre talk or anything like that. Just focus on, ‘What can I do to be able to help my team this coming season?’”

That is exactly what you will hear from Peterson until something is officially done with Favre, signed or not. Peterson also commented on the players at the workouts and the improved focus on the work that needs to be done at the practices.

“From me being here going into my third year with the guys I came in with, just a different focus as far as mindset." Peterson said when asked about this year compared to a year ago. “Being able to get the taste of the playoffs last year, I think that it’s opened eyes from guys and it’s OK, ‘We really can make a run.’ Just the focus.

"I see guys in here working out hard and there’s really just like a different vibe in the locker room.”

Many of the attention around Peterson this off season has been about his goal to gain weight and get up to approximately 225 pounds. At the end of the 2008 season, Peterson was at 217 pounds.

He currently weighs 217 pounds, so coaches have not been able to see how additional weight affects him. Peterson talked about his goal for weight and preparing his body for the upcoming season.

“Through the past two or three years, I’ve had the experience of doing too much and not really being able to dedicate the time I would like to working out and preparing myself,” he said.

“I’ve really cut back a lot this year and I have more time to study film and really just focus on the most important things that make those things possible off the field. Get my body prepared.”

Thursday will be the first practice that media get to watch and the key focus will be on rookie wide receiver Percy Harvin, who the team selected No. 22 overall in this year's draft. Fellow wide receiver Sidney Rice commented in his blog Tuesday on Harvin and about the relationship they will have.

“Yes, we’re competing for the same position, but we’re teammates so I want to help him along so he can do his best and help us win games." Rice said.

"Anything he needs, I’m going to be there for him. Having someone to look out for you when you come into the league is a big help. I had Troy Williamson, Robert Ferguson, Bobby Wade.”

The Vikings also will hold practices Thursday and Friday as well as many in June as well. And yes, Brett Favre's name will come up once again.