The Dallas Cowboys 2008 Draft Strategy

Stephen UrbaniakCorrespondent IApril 16, 2008

With the 13-3 season and the heart wrenching loss to the New York Giants in the NFC Divisional Round behind them, the Dallas Cowboys look to regroup and rearm for the 2008 campaign. 

The boys will welcome back just about everyone from last year's squad led by Terrell Owens and Tony Romo

The Cowboys lost almost the entire coaching staff to Bill Parcells' rebuilding effort in Miami as offensive line coach Tony Sparano left to become the head coach. 

Many Cowboys’ assistants left with him, such as defensive back coach Todd Bowles, linebacker coach Paul Pasqualoni, and defensive line coach Kacy Rodgers. 

The Cowboys lost a few players in free agency as former second round pick, Julius Jones, left for Seattle for a starting opportunity. 

Keith Davis, Nate Jones and Jason Ferguson, by way of trade, then left for the Dolphins, and Jacques Reeves also left for Houston via a lucrative free agent deal. 

The Cowboys are looking to rebuild the depth and upgrade the quality of their secondary by trading for oft-troubled but nonetheless talented Adam 'Pacman' Jones. 

They are possibly targeting a young cornerback on the first day of the draft such as Virginia Tech's Brandon Flowers, or Penn State's Justin King. 

The Cowboys are also looking to find someone to pair with Marion Barber.  My opinion is that they will pick Alabama's Felix Jones, who will serve as a change of pace for Marion Barber's hard running style. 

The only question that I see for the Cowboys' backfield is: Will Barber be able to carry the full-time load now that Julius Jones had departed?

He didn’t carry the load in college at Minnesota, so it will be interesting to see whether Barber will be up to the challenge. 

The Cowboys trading up to get Darren McFadden may make fellow Cowboys' fans drool, but in reality, it would be costly.  Not only would we have to trade both of our first round draft picks, but we would not be able to afford the kind of contract that McFadden would garner. 

I think Felix Jones would be a better compliment for Barber, as Jonathan Stewart is still healing from turf toe surgery and is still damaged “goods.” 

The team's receiver corps is in fact getting older, with both Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn being 30 or older at opening day.  The Cowboys should address the need with the pick at 22 by selecting either Oklahoma's Malcolm Kelly or Michigan State's Devin Thomas, if they are still available. 

I believe the team's needs are as follows: running back, wide receiver, and cornerback (someone to develop if Pacman Jones trade is completed and could be given every opportunity to start). 

Then maybe in the later rounds, draft a quarterback to develop and learn from Brad Johnson, the team's current backup journeyman quarterback who will be 41 at opening day. 

Players I would want to avoid are Boston College's Matt Ryan, who I believe excelled only with the talent around him and Louisville's Brian Brohm, who I believe does not possess an NFL-type arm. 

The Cowboys should draft another wide receiver in the later rounds, such as Michigan's Mario Manningham, to develop along with their first round wideout, so they will be able to take over at one and two once T.O. and Glenn move on. 

If the Cowboys draft well and fill the wideout and cornerback needs on day one, they can draft players for the future to develop on the second day.