Matt Ryan and Michael Vick: Greatest Offense Ever?

john thompsonContributor IMay 20, 2009

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 03:   The Atlanta Falcons huddle around quarterback Matt Ryan #2 in the NFC Wild Card Game against the Arizona Cardinals on January 3, 2009 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals defeated the Falcons 30-24.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Let's dream here for a moment: Blank has already said Vick's gone. However, we still have the rights to his contract, so he is on our roster. So if you're playing Madden 2009, he is on the team. This is the world we are dreaming - No media, no protesters, and no jealousy. Just football.

Vick admits his faults as a quarterback and says, "Matt Ryan is the truth." He becomes the back up quarterback.

Offensive Coordinator Mike Mularkey opens up the play book more than he had intended to include more trick and gadget plays, multiple quarterback sets, and the "wildcat formation."

"We still subscribe to the run first mentality with 'Natty Ice' at the quarterback position, says Mularkey, but we're going to run some seven to 10 option and wildcat sets featuring Vick."

How can you defend the Falcons? The team is incredibly skilled at every position (I love listing them so lets do it.)

QB—No. 1, Matt Ryan, No. 2, Mike Vick, No. 3, DJ Shockey/Chris Redman

RB—No. 1, Michael Turner, No. 2, Jerious Norwood, No. 3, Mike Vick, No. 4, Justin Snelling, No. 5, T. Jones

WR—No. 1, Roddy White, No. 2, M. Jenkins, No. 3, Harry Douglas, No. 4, Michael Vick, No. 5, B. Finneran

TE—No.1, T. Gonzalez (both), No. 2, B. Hartsock (blocking), No. 3, J. Peele (passing)

KR—No. 1, Michael Vick, No. 2, J. Norwood, No. 3, T. Jones

I think we have a great coaching staff too. I believe after this year, we're going to lose some coaches to other head coaching positions, perhaps Mularkey. So this is the year. 


This isn't going to happen.  Because in real life Vick will be to big of a distraction to a team that doesn't need him.  It would  be cool if there was no circus and Vick could accept his role.   There won't  and he can't. He owes too much money. 

He should take up cock fighting.

But it could have been,


Greatest offense of all time.

Go Falcons!

Matt Ryan is the truth.

In Dimitroff and Smith we trust.

—A biased season ticket holder.