WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Sept. 30

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 4, 2013

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

A varied assortment of tweets, viral videos and Instagram photos highlighted the best in WWE-related social media this week.

A shot of Paul Heyman had him looking like an icon from the film world; fans re-watched Randy Orton's most destructive moments; a Superstar not named The Great Khali is apparently huge in India; and Kaitlyn made her fans swoon.

As WWE Battleground nears, some of the social-media items focused on the competitors readying for war at the new pay-per-view, while others were just random bits of fun. Before Orton and Daniel Bryan decide who is the next WWE champ, take a few moments to savor the odd, the amusing and the stunning that was the week in WWE social media.

Leading up to his client's showdown with CM Punk at Battleground, Heyman has come off as part James Bond villain, part character from a Batman movie, thanks to his eccentricity and exuberance.

It was another big name in film that Heyman evoked in this photo from WWE's Instagram page:

Photo from Instagram
Photo from Instagram

Alfred Hitchcock would likely have loved to work with someone with Heyman's acting chops. In the build to Punk vs. Ryback, Heyman has been the most engrossing figure. His newly intimate relationship with the powerhouse has fans unable to look away.

Ryback's career is sure to take off with Heyman guiding him, but it appears that "The Big Guy" is already huge in India.

On a recent trip to promote WWE 2K14, a stifling crowd of fans greeted him in a mall in Mumbai:

Even if you aren't a fan of Ryback, seeing this kind of response is powerful. Huge crowd reactions are some of the funnest elements of WWE.

Not everyone is a fan of the art, theater and barbarity that is sports entertainment, though.

A man affectionately known as Angry Nerd recently went on a tirade about WWE SmackDown airing on the SyFy network:

The nerdy one does have a point: It is strange that a channel so focused on science-fiction is airing pro wrestling.

Even as upset as Angry Nerd sounds about SyFy airing WWE programming, signs point to him being a closet fan of the squared circle. He's seen wearing a Rey Mysterio mask in this clip from Wired on superheroes in movies.

Wearing luchador masks isn't limited to luchadors, apparently. In celebration of Los Matadores debuting on Monday's Raw, John Cena posted a shot of him during his run as Juan Cena in 2010:

When Triple H fired Cody Rhodes a month ago, some older fans may have had flashbacks of a masked Dusty Rhodes wrestling as The Midnight Rider.

For Cody, who needed to make his return to the WWE, wrestling under a mask with a new identity was a feasible possibility. That route proved unnecessary, as Stephanie McMahon offered him and his brother Goldust a shot to get back into WWE.

Before that announcement, WWE captured the Rhodes family huddled together:

Photo from Instagram
Photo from Instagram

These three head into Battleground to do battle with The Shield. Dusty will be in his sons' corner, but the smart money is for him to throw at least one mighty elbow The Shield's way.

Monday's Raw also featured the man who ended Cody's career with an RKO and a three-count.

Orton's most vicious moments aired on the episode, continuing a recent pattern of showing YouTube videos on live TV:

The collection features Orton's recent attack on The Miz and an RKO to Cena on a chair, but is missing him kissing Triple H's unconscious wife. That was Orton at his most enthralling.

He has brought back many of the elements of his persona from that time, but failed to rework the punt into his repertoire. That move was an example of violent artistry, a dramatic and disturbing way to put an opponent away.

Former Divas champ Kaitlyn caught our attention this week in a far different way. She posed for a series of photos on WWE.com that are the kind of images that ease the pain of a long week: 

While it's certainly enjoyable to see Kaitlyn in shorts and shooting her smoldering eyes toward the camera, seeing her play an active part in the Divas division would be even better.

Brie Bella and Natalya have had run-ins with AJ Lee, while Kaitlyn has rarely appeared on WWE TV in recent weeks. It's time to get back to her spearing folks on Mondays and Fridays, even if it does upset the Angry Nerd that wrestling is playing on SyFy instead of a replay of Dinocroc vs. Supergator.