Could Michael Vick Lead Jacksonville to a Divison Crown?

Joshua LaganContributor IMay 20, 2009

RICHMOND, VA - JULY 26:  Escorted by U.S. marshals, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick leaves the federal courthouse following his arraignment July 26, 2007 in Richmond, Virginia. Vick and three associates were indicted earlier this month on charges related to their alleged role in an interstate dogfighting ring.  (Photo by Haraz N. Ghanbari-Pool/Getty Images)
Michael Vick was released from prison today, and the debates now begins, "Will he ever play football again?" "If so, who should take a chance on him?" Assuming Roger Goodell reinstates him, the Jacksonville Jaguars are the team who need to sign him.
The Atlanta Falcons currently hold his contract rights, but Falcon's owner Arthur Blank, has already made a statement stating that he wishes Michael Vick well, but he must continue his NFL career elsewhere. That "elsewhere" is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Reason One

The risk in taking Michael Vick is not as big as people make it out to be. He is not a bad person. Unlike the Terrell Owens, and Pacman Jones of the league, he's not going to destroy the unity of your team. Michael Vick was hardly a problem child as the Falcon's poster boy. He led them to winning seasons, and playoff victories, and carried the team on his back quite nobly considering the talent around him.


Reason Two

Michael Vick is not stupid. I don't believe that Michael Vick will suddenly become an angel, but I also don't believe that Michael Vick was a demon before this.
I think it won't be far into the season before we see the return of the confident, showy, incredibly talented Michael Vick, that we all knew and loved. Michael Vick is broke, and he knows it.
This is his final shot. If he does anything. I mean ANYTHING at all he'll be out of the league. Michael Vick knows he's got one more chance to make it. He's smart enough to not do anything stupid. I can assure you, his former $100+ million contract is reminding every day about the consequences of his actions.
Reason Three
The Jaguars need to make a splash. The Jaguars have been a talented, "on the cusp" team for years. Every year there is some NFL analyst picking them as his surprise team. But every year they are a distant third behind the heavy weights, Indianapolis, and Tennessee.
This year many are even picking them to be fourth behind the Texans. The Jaguars have made some smart moves in the draft, and signing Torry Holt in the free agents, but they need something bigger to take them to the next level, Michael Vick might be that addition.
Reason Four
The Jaguars have the perfect Quarterback situation for him. David Garrard is a confident, running quarterback, who doesn't throw interceptions. Michael Vick throws buckets of interceptions.
First, Michael Vick can maybe learn a few things from him. But mainly, Michael Vick will get the chance to compete for a starting position. Michael Vick has learned his lesson.
He's had two years to sit behind bars and ponder his mistakes. He doesn't need another year to sit behind a quarterback and get more frustrated. He needs to get out there and start throwing the football. David Garrard will begin the season as the starting quarterback, and might very well end it as the starting quarterback to.
But this will give Michael Vick a slim chance of competing for the starting job. A slim chance is all Michael Vick needs. He's confident and talented, but he's an under achiever.
For once people aren't expecting him to succeed, and if that isn't encouragement enough, he's also broke. Michael Vick will thrive under the spotlight of so many haters and doubters. 
Reason Five
Michael Vick won't cost as much as people think he will. Michael Vick is desperate. He needs money quickly. Now sure, he's made outrageous statements about how much he thinks he's worth, but the NFL is smart enough to not give him that much.
Michael Vick needs the NFL more than the NFL needs him, Michael Vick will have no choice but to yield, when nobody jumps at his demands. The Jaguars also happen to have $13.8 million in cap space.
Reason Six
The Jaguars are a running team. David Garrard is the closest the NFL has to a Michael Vick. He's not nearly as quick on his feet, but he a running and throwing threat. If any team can give Michael Vick the chance to run it will be the Jaguars.
Reason Seven
The Jaguars offensive line will be strong this year. The draft additions of Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton will help fortify this team that was formerly weak at the tackle position. They also picked up Tra Thomas from the Eagles.
Tra Thomas should be a starter this year and can help groom the two new tackles. This line will protect Vick, and also give him the ability to make plays with his feet.
Reason Eight
This is Maurice Jones-Drew's team, and everybody knows it. The team relies upon him, and he is the poster boy of it. Michael Vick will not have to carry the team, and Michael Vick will not be allowed to carry this team.
This is a position I think Michael Vick needs to be in; a supporting role. Maurice Jones-Drew will keep Michael Vick in line.
Reason Nine
With the Jaguar's Offensive Line, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Michael Vick, this run game could easily rival the Giants for first in the league. The Colts defense will be run over by the Jaguars, and the Tennessee defense will be without Albert Haynesworth. The Jaguars could possibly even steal a division crown.
The Jaguar have more of a use for Vick than any other team. Few other teams have an opening for Michael Vick where he could compete for the starting quarterback, and those that do, are hopeless teams that would be throwing open the doors to him, this is not something that would be good for Michael Vick.
He could very easily lose his new found humility if he were given a situation like that. The Jaguars are a fit for Michael Vick that gives him a second chance, and allows the NFL to keep him under wraps to prevent him from acting up again. The Jacksonville Jaguars are the team for Michael Vick.