Girardi's New York Yankees Pick Right Time To Get Hot

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Girardi's New York Yankees Pick Right Time To Get Hot
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This time last week I wrote that it would be a very crucial time for Joe Girardi. With the Mets on the West Coast and the lazier newspapers telling us "Mets at Los Angeles, night" (that's you Star-Ledger) it's easy for the Mets to turn halfway invisible. It took Vin Scully making fun of them to get daylight yesterday.

But this is a Yankees column. As Craig Carton put it this morning, a ho hum late loss for the Mets and the Yankees have won seven in a row, so it's a Yankees day.

It's funny how when the Yankees are winning and hitting the home runs that you don't hear about winds or empty seats. A-Rod stops being the scourge of the earth when he carries the team and injects Teixeira with a shot of life.

So Girardi and the Yankees picked the right time. With all eyes on the Bronx (unless you caught the season premiere of Beer Money or whatever it's called, and who didn't?) the Yankees leave you with the impression that they are a winning team.

Your impression of the Mets?

A bunch of Bad News Bears who can't hit, run, or field. Don't forget you woke up on Sunday morning 3-0 on a road trip with the hottest team in baseball. Today you wake up once again a game behind the Phillies who have won five straight.

There will be some solid Mets panic today, and it already is trendy to call Francesca to ask for Manuel's head. It could easily have been Girardi in that situation, but like I said, he picked exactly the right time to start winning.

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