Pittsburgh Pirates Fan Jumps Off Bridge to Celebrate Wild-Card Victory

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 2, 2013

If your dumb friend jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?

The answer is “no.” No, you would not. But if they’re dead set on it...well, it’s a difficult thing to stop.

No one was going to deny one Pittsburgh Pirates fan, who stripped down to his skivvies and jumped off the Roberto Clemente Bridge to celebrate his team’s 6-2 wild-card victory over the Cincinnati Reds

Luckily for the Internet, any time there’s a moron doing something dangerous and inadvisable, there’s always at least one guy with a camera phone standing by to record the action.

Footage of the jump was picked up by Joe Student of Busted Coverage (via @RealTaylorGang), who accurately points out that this is an act of complete lunacy.

Judging from all the screams telling “Dean” not to jump, this man had his mind made up long before he clambered over the railing. 

David Brown of Yahoo! Sports reports that the jumper is a man named Dean Pasztor from Shadyside, Ohio. Judging from this picture he posted to Twitter, he was uninjured after falling into the water.

#clementebridge #jumper #thirdeyeblind #deanpasztor @bastarddpasztor pic.twitter.com/FY3gNhx6qn

— Spumoni (@bastarddpasztor) October 2, 2013

Yep, that’s a guy who enjoys falling off bridges and making Third Eye Blind references. 


                                              Image via wikipedia.org/imgur.com

This is also a guy who's lucky he isn’t in the hospital having gallon after gallon of river water removed from his internal organs with a plunger.

For reference, the navigational clearance for the Roberto Clemente Bridge is about 40 feet. Throw an extra five feet from the railing to the bottom of the bridge, and you have yourself a 45-foot drop or near there.

This means Pasztor jumped from about 12 feet above the height of a high dive platform—not exactly death-defying but definitely not a safe “celebration” for others to be replicating.

He might’ve made it out all right, but if the Pirates keep winning, you have to believe the police will start patrolling these waters. 


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