The Next Evolution of Wrestling

Dustin SpeakerCorrespondent IMay 20, 2009

From watching the both TNA and WWE's three brands, I have begun to notice that the industry is evolving to incorporate a new style. Now it seems a hybrid of Wrestling and MMA is starting to take root in the industry. Which might be a good thing in the long run.

I cannot express how utterly bored I get whenever someone like Mark Henry wrestles. I admit the man is strong, but does he have any talent? I see him throw people, I see him slam people, and I see him do an occasional bear hug.

On the microphone, he's bland, he has no personality and what's more is he spends any time he has on the mic, rambling on and on about how hes the World's Strongest Man. But I ask myself, what does he bring to the industry as a whole?

When I see the newer talent that's popping up, its more about incorporating some form  of martial art's training. Zack Ryder was mentioned to be trained in Muay Thai, which can be evidenced with his use of elbow strikes. Alicia Fox is noted for know Coppeira, which I can see. Evan Bourne naturally can be seen to use Lucha Libre style.

And lastly and most importantly, John Morrison, he stands for the evolution of his style in wrestling. With Morrison, Bret Hart is essentially the progenitor, Shawn Michaels furthered it, and Morrison will continue to further the evolution.

They stand for the gimmick they portray quite well, but also the style. Bret Hart was a solid mat technician. Then came Shawn Michaels, he was also a technician of sorts but he had something of a high flying skill.

Morrison, the current stage of the evolution is primarily a high flier, his use of springboards, as well as an assortment of aerial moves. Any further evolution will be up to who will be the successor.

Now on to the problem, oh yes, the problem. TNA has been prone to putting focus on wrestlers on their way to retirement, on the WWE side of things, its Vince and his obsession with big strong guys.

Let's look at this closer.

Now I'm nowhere near being an expert since I had gotten disinterested in wrestling for a good while, until September of last fall when I witnessed Evan Bourne and got re-hooked.

Let's start with TNA, a company that could be a contender. Alright, people like to complain about Vince McMahon's big ego of putting a title around his waist, but Jeff Jarrett, this man stands for even worse hubris!

He's supposed to be the owner, but he actively competes, making sure he's always in the main event scene. Along with the other aging fossils that also make up the main event.

Yes, what a great way to promote your promotion than to let, Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, and Booker T make younger athletes the future of the company job to them.

I've seen the Machine Guns, I've seen Lethal Consequences, I've seen a majority of the X Division. They're the ones people are tuning in for, but still we have to see the guys on their way out dominate them in every match.

Now there is a great remedy for this, show case this talent more.

The X Division is quite talented, and needs to have more emphasis, because once these guys prove their too old, what is Jeff going to do next? Unless the X Division talent hasn't been Poached by the WWE, or been built up right, he's going to be SOL.

I didn't count Sting in the M.E.M. problem because he isn't completely washed up or overrated.

Now to deal with the WWE, its not as bad of a problem. It's simply, Vince, stop using the high fliers as practice dummies for the heavyweights. I get really bored with matches where they turn Evan into Rey's successor by pitting him in David and Goliath matches constantly.

Bourne Vs. Kidd, THE BEST FEUD EVER! These two bring out the best of each other, these guys alone are reason enough to revive the Cruiserweight Title.

The evolution has to be a continual expansion of moves that the performers know. Yet more than that, they need to have more skill than to throw their opponent around like an Orca during their preying upon a sea lion.

Not that they don't have any skill but if you want to put people to sleep that's a good way to do it. Because nine times out of ten, you know that the smaller wrestler is going to over come and win.

Now it's not that I hate big wrestlers, I just find seeing guys who only know how to body slam and suplex to be the most untalented lot. Undertaker is the best example of how a big guy should be, use his size and have possibly the largest move set in the industry.

In closing, we can all hope that the industry will further evolve. New styles will continue to arrive, maybe the WWE will stop having problems with the smaller wrestlers who refuse to slow down.

We can all hope that TNA will realize that MEM is killing their ratings. And when the evolution of talent is accepted the industry will flourish. Thank you and good day.