Bleacher Report Wrestling Community: Why I Need You To Be Better...

Matt BinksCorrespondent IMay 20, 2009

Ok, I am taking a short hiatus from my ermmm hiatus, to express my views and displeasure about a number of things......

I recently read an article, which I consider to be a fairly decent article. The author, who I will refer to only as Andreaa Clair, makes some very valid and interesting points regarding criticism, criticism and cyber-bullying.

This is an interesting topic to me, as I was recently accused of being a "cyber-bully".

My Crime?

I dared to criticise an author's article.

My reasons were very valid. I thought the articles were dull, I thought they were unnecessary and most of all, I wanted to see more from the author.

The author herself, Celeste, took the criticism for what it was worth. She noted my points, expressed similar concerns about how her series of articles were burying her better efforts and then produced a piece of work that was excellent.

Celeste's reaction was mature, good natured and very welcome. The complete opposite can be said for a group of "writers" who I will refer to as PALRTTGAID.

(Pathetic Arse Licking Retards Trying To Get An Internet Date)

PALRTTGAID seemed to band together to ridicule my comments, accuse me of bullying, and basically act like a bunch of whiny pathetic children.

I have three things to say to you people.

1. I do not, and will never, give a rat's bottom about any of your replies.

2. Miss Winchester will never go on a date with you.

3. Stop "helping yourself" to the grainy images of Trish Stratus in a thong. Mommy is getting mad at having to clean the computer screen.

Now this did get me thinking.

Where the hell was PALRTTGAID when I was criticising Joe Burgett and Adrian Staheekekelllelee*7$5!

Could it possibly be that the thought of sitting in a tree house holding hands with Joe and Adrian isn't as appealing as the image of Celeste sharing your cupcakes?

Joe Burgett and Adrian Staheehhaleelehe@4@%& are two writers who I often comment on. Joe especially will concur that I have often been very critical of his work.

Joe may also have noticed that I haven't commented on any of his work in quite a while.

The reason?

Joe has improved. Just like I want Adrian to improve.

Just like I want all of you to write good, interesting articles.

I will tell you why.

We are not all blessed with live Raw on a Monday, ECW on a Tuesday and Smackdown on a Friday.

I live in a part of the world where the wrestling coverage isn't as substantial as in the States or Britain.

We have to deal with infrequent showings and a time delay.

To give you a rough idea, Macho Man Randy Savage is described as "One for the future" where I am.

I may have exaggerated a little bit, but to say I am deprived of wrestling coverage is a vast understatement.

That is why I rely on other sources to get my wrestling fix. Here on Bleacher Report, I thought I had found it.

Interesting articles and reviews kept me up to date with what was going on and helped me figure out what I needed to specifically look for on Youtube.

Unfortunately, I have seen the wrestling community decline somewhat in recent months.

The interesting, thought provoking articles have been replaced by endless fantasy dungeons and dragons-type games, the first of which were fairly entertaining..

The imitations were painful, mediocre and extremely boring.

We also have the daily toe stub that is Joe's 411. Joe dude, if your as creative, talented and special as you say you are. Write me an interesting article, I beg you.

Adrian. I know you love wrestling. We all know you love wrestling. Please stop telling us how much you love wrestling and harness your passion into something a bit more creative than "Mr. Frosty Interviews the Muppets" or whatever your new series is called.

Everybody else, either stay good or get better.

You might ask who the hell I think I am making this kind of statement.

I am a reader, as such I am entitled to my opinion. I am entitled to my criticisms.

I am sure as hell entitled to my bitch and whine whenever I see fit. We all are.

Bleacher Report is an open source network. There is no filter in place to stop garbage from getting through.

Any old mouse crawling over a keyboard can make an article that will be published.

Whilst this is the case, I will criticise. I will not stop criticising until I see the level of quality articles we ALL want to see.

I suppose this is where I should end the article with a punchy line. Or in Adrian's case, fake audience noises and a "what's on next week"..

Well here's what's on next week.

Matt Binks telling people they are crap until they stop being crap.

The end.


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