Lane Kiffin Continues to Put His Foot In His Mouth

Stacey MicklesCorrespondent IIMay 20, 2009

Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin at the  NFL  - 2007 Annual Meetings - AFC Coach Breakfast at Arizona Biltmore, on March 27, 2007.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Lane Kiffin, please shut up not only for your sake, but the sake of the University of Tennessee.


Kiffin, you are not only embarrassing yourself, but Tennessee as well. It’s not as if you are coming off of a national championship like Urban Meyer or a divisional title with a 12-2 record like Nick Saban.


In case you didn’t know, let me remind you that the school you work for now missed going to a bowl game for the second time in the past three or four years and said school has been blown out in back-to-back years by the rivals you continue to tick off.


Meyer was not too fond of the whole “Urban Cheats” comment you made, and he does not forgive and forget—ask Mark Richt of Georgia about that.


You see, Richt made a mistake crossing Meyer in '07 with the whole team celebrating on the field thing. Meyer didn’t say a word. He just filed it in the back of his mind and saved it for the following year.


Even though Florida was up big on Georgia this past year, Meyer just kept on scoring. If you think he was mad about that, just think what he is going to do to you.


You see Kiffin, the team you just inherited was lousy on offense this past year and oh by the way Florida was one of the top defenses in the country.


Not to mention they still have a Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tim Tebow threw on every down in this year’s game just to make sure the Gators would score 50 and that may be just at the half.


Let’s not forget Saint Nick at Alabama


Saban didn’t take too kindly to you or your assistant's words either. But rather then use this as an opportunity to make a call to you or the SEC office; he just plucked one of the best wide receivers in your state right from under you just to prove he could.


Not to mention he said loud and clear on national television during a game against UT that “he hated” the Vols and that’s BEFORE your comments.


No Kiffin, it won’t be pretty this year.


But that’s not even the worse thing you have said. A few weeks ago you told a South Carolina recruit that if they didn’t attend your school that he will be pumping gas for the rest of his life.


Wow! You just burned another bridge with not only the Ole Ball Coach, but the whole state of South Carolina.


Spurrier is not one who bites his tongue either, but he knows where to pick his fights and believe me you have TRULY made an enemy out of him.


Spurrier blew the whistle on Alabama a few years ago for recruiting violations, but he at least called the coaching staff and told them he knew what they were up to. You think he’ll be that kind to you?


You keep talking like you have been on your twitter site or continue upsetting these high school coaches and your stay in Knoxville will be very short.


If I were you, when they have those coaching meetings in Destin in a few weeks, I’d bring a couple of fruit baskets and apology cards, but even that may not save you this year.