The Madness Must Stop!

Leon BrimmContributor IMay 20, 2009

Enough already! ENOUGH! The Washington Redskins do not have to change their name. Furthermore, the beating of this dead horse has gotten so bad, that most Redskins fans are becoming infuriated with the constant insinuation of being racist, or condoning racism.

American history has taught us, whether we like it not, that the “white man” came across the ocean blue, and fought a tough war with “Native Americans.” These battles did nothing more than solidify the accurate account of the ferociousness of the Native Americans in battle.

Bottom line, American Indians fought like hell and lost. But by doing so, the name “Redskin” is synonymous with a fierce warrior. Others who think to the contrary are just fools looking for a payday on the grounds of racism.

If the name “Redskins” is so awful, then why are the KC Chiefs allowed to carry their brand? Is it because the Washington Redskins are one of the wealthiest franchises in the NFL, and maybe Chief “Cry-Baby” is looking for a payday?

Why is the name “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame suitable for a student body that will eventually help America prosper? A degree from Notre Dame is no joke. Graduates of that college are in line to do well for themselves. Should all of the student body be considered drunken fighting Irishmen?

The examples go on and on. The Steelers (a bunch of dirty iron and steel workers), the Volunteers of Tennessee (a group of people with squirrels on their heads looking for a fight), the KC Chiefs (another group of Indians), the San Francisco 49ers (a group of people who are too dumb to do anything else other than mine) is this different?

Are these examples fair, especially the way I phrased them? NO! But the bottom line is this: if the Native American people were so upset, where were they in 1937?

That’s right, the political correctness had not hit America in 1937, and there was no money to be made. This argument is dead, and to everybody who thinks this name is so bad: get ready. All teams in the future will be called Team One, Team Two, Team Three, and so on, so the whiny babies out there can have peace of mind. (I guess.)

This is ridiculous!