Berlin Marathon 2013 Results: Men's and Women's Top Finishers

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistSeptember 29, 2013

Wilson Kipsang
Wilson KipsangLeo Mason-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 Berlin Marathon is over, but the wild results in both the men’s and women’s divisions ensure that this year’s event will go down as one of the greatest of all time.

On the men’s side, Kenyan star Wilson Kipsang dominated the course and set a new world marathon record with a time of 2:03:23. As for the women, fellow Kenyan Florence Kiplagat finished with a time of 2:21:13, but failed to beat the world record.

Kipsang broke the record by 15 seconds. He earned $54,000 for the win and another $68,000 for setting the record.  

Kipsang said after he believes he can still post a faster time.

"Looking at my marathon progress and career so far, I still think I have the potential to run faster. Anything under 2:03.23 would do."

The field for this event was incredibly deep and the race reflected the talent involved by featuring heavy competition. Add in the record-breaking time from Kipsang, and this year’s competition was unforgettable.

All stats and information via the Berlin Marathon’s official site.


Men's Top 10 Finishers
 1Kipsang, Wilson (KEN)+00:0002:03:23
 2Kipchoge, Eliud (KEN)+00:4202:04:05
 3Kipsang, Geoffrey (KEN)+03:0302:06:26
 4Chemlany, Stephen Kwelio (KEN)+04:2102:07:44
 5Kiptanui, Maswai (KEN)+05:2902:08:52
 6dos Santos, Marilson (BRA)+06:0102:09:24
 7Ishikawa, Suehiro (JPN)+07:0102:10:24
 8Kobayashi, Koji (JPN)+08:0802:11:31
 9Rui, Silva (POR)+08:5302:12:16
 10Jisa, Sisay (ETH)+08:5402:12:17

Full list of men’s finishers via the race’s official website.


Women's Top 10 Finishers
1Kiplagat, Florence (KEN)+00:0002:21:13
2Cherop, Sharon (KEN)+01:1502:22:28
3Mikitenko, Irina (GER)+03:4102:24:54
4Kiprop, Helah (KEN)+06:4902:28:02
5Davila, Desiree (USA)+08:0202:29:15
6de la Rosa, Vianey (MEX)+11:2202:32:35
7Hayakawa, Eri (JPN)+16:3202:37:45
8Stöcker, Nina (GER)+16:3302:37:46
9Lee, Lizzi (IRL)+16:5602:38:09
10Gutierrez, Maria Yolanda (ESP)+17:0502:38:18

Full list of women’s finishers via the race’s official website.


Florence Kiplagat - Photo via Capital FM Kenya
Florence Kiplagat - Photo via Capital FM Kenya

Berlin Marathon Recap

After former world-record holder Patrick Makau dropped out of the event two weeks before the start with an injury, the door was opened wide for Kipsang to win the race and attempt to set the time mark without too much pressure from his competition.

Second-place finisher Eliud Kipchoge was 42 seconds behind the eventual winner and never posed a real threat to Kipsang’s victory. Sunday’s race was between the new champion and the world record.

Kipsang spoke to television reporters after the race, per Yahoo! Sports and Reuters:

I'm very happy that I have won and broken the world record. I was really inspired by Paul Tergat when he broke the world record here 10 years ago and I'm very happy that I was in a position to break the record on the same course.

The start of the race - Photo via Light Flight
The start of the race - Photo via Light Flight

The course in Berlin is prime location for breaking records. With a flat surface and near-ideal conditions, Sunday’s event marks the ninth overall world record set at the race and the fifth for the men over the last decade.

While the world record was not set by the women—Kiplagat missed the mark by almost six minutes—the intense battle between the eventual winner and fellow Kenyan and second-place finisher Sharon Cherop made the end of the women’s race even more interesting than the men’s.

The wild finish to both the men’s and women’s events made the 2013 Berlin Marathon a huge success. Let’s hope next year’s battles breed the same kind of competition.