Ladies and Gentleman, Please Wake Up!

Dana CarlsonContributor IMay 19, 2009

What, oh what, do we fans of professional wrestling have to do to be able to sit down and watch a quality show anymore?

Since the WWE is the main show, it makes things hard to handle when the matches become a barrage of the same old thing.  I was under the impression that there was an actual "creative" team involved in the writing of the shows. 

So what "in the blue hell" has happened to all the creativity?

We have seen the Matt Hardy-MVP thing before, only with reversed roles. The Big Show, sometimes he's a nice giant, and sometimes a mean giant. CM Punk, well he's a not so great a go to guy.  Why did he win the MITB again?  The Brian Kendrick, Mysterio, who unrealistically defeats guys two-to-three times his size.  All of the competitors involved in PPV face each other several times before the gig, so why would we pay to see them? 

The Legacy-Batista-HHH...what the heck?  The Legacy, led by Randy "Boring" Orton.  He really has horrible mike skills in my opinion, too robotic.  Instead of having smooth delivery of his promos, he seems if he is reading the script and pausing as he changes lines. 

Teamed up with Cody Rhodes, who is his equal in the boredom department, and Ted Dibiase, the one of the three who actually is the bright spot of the group.  In my opinion, he should go his own way because he does have the skills and is being held back by Orton and his little dream of being the greatest thing to come along . 

What is the point of having a faction when there are no other ones to feud with?  It seems like they are just struggling to come up with anything and its really getting way to predictable. 

The feuds are lame, the story lines are lame, and the skills are diminishing.  I'm all for son's following in their dad's footsteps, but at least have the drive to make sure you can actually wrestle.  WWE, the independents are way more entertaining, simply because they are going back to the basics, learning the skills and working the storylines.  

That is where the smart money is spent now, following the up and coming federations, and the unsung heroes that they are producing.