We can't blame this all on our players…

Justin HulseyCorrespondent IMay 19, 2009

What is the deal?

We suck right now and I’m not sure what it is, but right now we are one of the worst teams in baseball. Most will blame it on injuries, but I find it hard to believe the absence of our best pitcher and second best hitter takes us from hero to zero.

We still have a decent-looking lineup. We still have guys who can play the game. There is no way we are this bad right now. Yet, we are, and it seems to be getting worse.

It’s not just the players that are playing poorly, it’s the coaching as well.

I have always been a big Tony LaRussa supporter. In previous seasons, I would have sat here and praised him until I was blue in the face. However, after the past few weeks, my support is gone.

He is making stupid coaching moves. Last night, when we were down by five runs, he had us trying to bunt for a freaking hit against Braden Looper. Is Looper so good that we have to attempt small-ball like that when down by five?

Apparently he is, because by the sixth inning we were being one hit by the former Cardinal. I’m not sure if you have noticed, but the odds of bunting for a hit are slim to none.

On Saturday, LaRussa made a defensive change that resulted in Khanthit Greene batting in the next inning instead of Chris Duncan. Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you that it was in the eight inning of a one run game.

Are you that stupid, Mr. LaRussa? Are you sleeping down in the dugout? Is that why you wear the tinted glasses? To catch up on sleep?

Well wake up, because you are flushing our season down the drain.

On Sunday, LaRussa let’s us know about his new teacher pet, Todd Wellemeyer. “Todalion," as he is known on Twitter, gave up seven walks in five innings. If you are an MLB pitcher, and you give up seven walks in five innings, you should be banished from the team, I wouldn’t lose sleep.

It was pathetic.

He walked the pitcher to lead off an inning. He did not know where that ball was going to end up after it left his hand, and TLR treats him like Walter Johnson after the game.

In the post game press conference, LaRussa tried to convince he did well.

"Todd let it get away from him at times but hung in there and gave us a chance," LaRussa said. "We are going to stay with Todd. He is still one of our best five pitchers.”

Oh is that so, Tony? Walking seven and plunking two warrants you a rotation spot? Wake up from that fantasy land you are in, because he might be one of the top five worst pitchers in MLB. The wheels have fallen off Wellemeyer, this team, and our coach.

We are making it look like we are Milwaukee’s farm team. Jeff Suppan and Looper both get picked up by the Brew Crew and dominate the Redbirds. Suppan shuts us out only allowing one hit, and Looper has allowed two hits in seven innings of shut out baseball. Guys, those two aren’t very good.

Who are we kidding though, neither are our pitchers.

While all of those situations make me sick, the Mitchell Boggs demotion is just icing on the cake. I know, I know, it is not all LaRussa’s decision, but he is the one that publicly defended it. Apparently, Wellemeyer is one of our best five "without a doubt." LaRussa, that is where I have to cut you off.

Get off the medication because demoting Boggs over Wellemeyer makes you a certified idiot.

Opp Avg—.313
Contact rate—83%

Opp Avg—.298
Contact rate—76.3%

Yeah, it really sounds like Wellemeyer is way better than Boggs. Wellemeyer just aimlessly hurls the ball toward the mound, while Boggs actually can command the strikezone. The 25 year old has nasty stuff and has the potential to be a good No. 3 pitcher for us this year. The move to send Boggs back down to Memphis is where I reach my breaking point.

After I heard that, I was speechless.

I’m just saying, if I was John Mozeliak, I would do a couple things.

I would rethink our strategy as a team, first I would move the $4 million Wellemeyer to the bullpen, whether you like it or not financially. I would also get Boggs back up here. He deserves it over two or three of the guys that are currently in the rotation. Sometimes you have to grow a pair and do what is best for the team in order to win, which is something we haven’t done since Thursday.

LaRussa in last night’s post-game interview:
“I am even part of our struggle. I have made a couple mistakes.”

No shit?



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