Shaking It Up: A Wrestling Fan Expanding His Horizons

Jared FarverCorrespondent IMay 19, 2009

I would like to start off by saying this is my first article that includes TNA and ROH.

I have read many articles here on B/R where writers talk about their favorite pro-wrestling companies.

Most writers here on B/R watch WWE more than any other wrestling promotions.

I have to admit that before I became a member of B/R, I hardly ever watched TNA. I had hardly even heard of ROH— Ring of Honor.

And I definitely had never watched a ROH match before joining B/R.

Thanks to writers like Adam Testa I now watch TNA regularly. I have became a TNA fan because of some writers here.

Recently, a  fellow writer named Ray Bogusz wrote an article about ROH. After reading the article I decided to check out ROH and I must say that I was really impressed with the wrestlers.

I have only watched a total of five ROH matches but I plan on watching many more.

I've always been a WWE fan.

For some reason, I've always thought the WWE is far better than any other wrestling company.

During the Monday Night Wars, I absolutely hated WCW. I was a child and because the WWE had Stone Cold Steve Austin, they were my favorite company. I do realize now that WCW was a great company and that I missed out on some great matches and wrestlers.

My neighbor was a huge WCW fan. We always argued over who had the better wrestlers.

He would say Hulk Hogan was the best but I thought Steve Austin was.

He told me Sting could destroy The Undertaker and I told him that The Undertaker would kill Sting, and I meant it literally.

After Vince McMahon bought WCW and ECW, I figured that WWE would be the only main stream wrestling company.

Thanks to Jeff Jarrett, I was wrong about that assumption.

The first time I watched TNA , I laughed because the ring was shaped strangely. There were very few wrestlers I had heard of on TNA at that time and this made me feel as if these guys weren't as good as the guys I watched in competition every week on WWE.

I was used to only watching WWE, so everything else didn't look as good in comparison to me.

As I said earlier, Adam Testa showed me through his articles that TNA is just as good as the WWE, if not better.

I know a lot of people think TNA is ruining their company with all the older talent main eventing but it's a huge reason why I watch.

As soon as I heared TNA had wrestlers like Kurt Angle, Sting, Team 3-D, Kevin Nash, Mick Foley, and Booker T I decided to actually give TNA a shot.

After a few weeks of watching, I realized TNA has a lot of young talent. I also started to agree with some of the members here on B/R are right about TNA's main event superstars.

I think Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, and Scott Steiner should let some of the young talent become main event superstars.

I know a lot of you people that watch TNA want the same thing.

You, the TNA fans want guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Christopher Daniels to wrestle for the TNA World Wrestling Championship a lot more.

Without Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash many people wouldn't even give TNA a shot though. These guys are there for a reason.

They may be gambling with their future but it should pay off. The fans that watch TNA for the older talent will start to recognize TNA for it's great young talent.

That is the only reason I still watch now, along with their Tag Team division.

I believe ROH should sign a few big names to help themselves get recognized more, even though this may never happen.

This would help them gain new fans thus reaching a wider audience.

If TNA continues to grow then I believe the younger talent will rise to the top. So with that said, TNA fans please let the older talent play their roles. In due time the older talent will start to put over the young talent they have.