Should Van Persie Renew Contract with Arsenal?

Ramkumar SCorrespondent IMay 19, 2009

LONDON - NOVEMBER 25:  Robin Van Persie of Arsenal holds his foot after he clashed with Malkhaz Asatiani of Dynamo Kiev during the UEFA Champions League Group G match between Arsenal and Dynamo Kiev at the Emirates Stadium on November 25, 2008 in London, England.  (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

When he arrived in Arsenal from Feyenoord he was joining an Arsenal team that were at their best, but five years down the line things have deteriorated for the worse in Arsenal.

An FA Cup and the Community Shield is all he has won with Arsenal.

Contract negotiation time yet again. Van Persie's agent and Arsenal representatives must be busy battering out a new deal—a deal that is best for both parties. But is it in the interest of Robbie Van Persie to remain with the club?

Woe be Arsenal

The recent troubles in Arsenal have been too well documented. If they sell more of their star players like Adebayor or don't make any experienced purchases then they will find it harder to challenge for trophies, let alone win them.

Woe be Persie

Van Persie's injury record is scary. He could very well be a Michael Owen in the making. Given that injury record, Van Persie really does not have much time in the football's elite scene and has to make the best of the time that he has.

Replaceable toys

As footballers age their salary also increases. At the same time the number of new footballers that enter the scene also increase. Clubs—if they feel that they are spending too much on an aging star—have the option of going for a younger replacement.

Thierry Henry was not indispensable. Van Persie will not be.

Loyalty is not a two-way street

When players walk away from clubs they are vilified (Flamini), but clubs too can chose to offload you (Henry). Fans can choose to boo you ( Adebayor)—even abuse you.

Simply put, every one is in charge of their life and loyalty is not always rewarded.

At 25, this contract will be a contract that can really define his life. This is the age where his value and talent are at their pinnacle. The next time he signs a contract, age and form may not be to his advantage. The number of big clubs that wait for his signature might not be around. His salary or contract length might not be the same.

So, what should Van Persie do?