5 Boxers We'd Love to See in MMA

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistSeptember 27, 2013

5 Boxers We'd Love to See in MMA

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    The idea of boxers coming over to MMA or mixed martial artists going over to boxing is an idea that has been teased and pondered for years. It's happened in some instances, for better or worse.

    We have seen James Toney get embarrassed in one UFC bout, as well as Ricardo Mayorga in the regionals. Anderson Silva and Jon Jones are two guys that have come up in talks of boxing matches, though nothing has panned out.

    However, there are still some interesting boxers that we'd love to see take an MMA bout. Let's take a look at five men who we want to see in the cage.

Manny Pacquiao

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    Country: Phillippines

    Record: 54-5-2

    Potential Weight Class: Featherweight

    Despite his recent slight fall from grace, Manny Pacquiao remains one of the best, most marketable boxers in the game. The former WBO Welterweight champion is a hero of his native land, as well as a marketing machine with merchandise.

    His recent robbery of a loss to Timothy Bradley stripped him of his WBO title. Then, his subsequent fight with Juan Manuel Marquez saw him suffer a brutal knockout, further hurting his stock.

    Not only is the Philippines budding with prospects and MMA interest, but it's the home of Pacquiao. He could be a great attraction if he ever wanted to take an MMA fight there.

    Of course, he is still a boxer and he currently has Brandon Rios on his plate in November.

Tyson Fury

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    Country: England

    Record: 21-0

    Potential Weight Class: Heavyweight

    Tyson Fury said he could beat Cain Velasquez, and though that is likely poppycock, he should at least try to back it up against a non-UFC champion heavyweight.

    The heavyweight division is the shallowest division in terms of talent per capita. Many of the guys that stick around the bottom division do so with three straight losses (Dave Herman anyone?).

    Fury is an undefeated boxer and hits like a freight train. Even if he only learned the basics of grappling, people need to get inside of his dynamite fists to exploit him on the ground.

    He could be an interesting commodity, especially because of his previous comments.

Kermit Cintron

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    Country: Puerto Rico

    Record: 33-5-1

    Potential Weight Class: Lightweight

    Kermit Cintron, in addition to having a sweet name, is one of the few boxers with a wrestling background. Cintron wrestled in high school and was pretty successful too.

    Lightweight is a shark tank, but a guy with the raw power like Cintron is something you can never get enough of. In my opinion, I really think Cintron has one of the best chances at being successful in MMA just because of his wrestling past.

    He hasn't boxed since 2011, but he is still just 33 years old. There is still time for the cool-named Puerto Rican banger.

Wladimir Klitschko

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    Country: Ukraine

    Record: 60-3

    Potential Weight Class: Heavyweight

    Jon Jones wants a Klitschko brother and Wladimir is the guy for the job. The knockout artist has terrorized boxing as one of its best heavyweight stars.

    The Ukranian hasn't lost since 2004 and has taken out a who's-who of boxing talent. He doesn't just beat them, he knocks them out cold.

    He has a fight lined up right now, but in the future, I would love to see this guy bang in a cage.

Floyd Mayweather

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    Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

    Country: United States

    Record: 45-0

    Potential Weight Class: Featherweight

    It's almost getting boring watching Floyd Mayweather seamlessly decimate the boxing world with his undefeated record. Frankly, shelling out $80 to watch him outclass his opponent to a decision is played out these days.

    That's why "Money" would be a great addition to the UFC. It would finally present a challenge to him, and knowing how much he hates losing (gave his bronze medal to his grandmother because he hates seeing it), it would motivate him to get in the gym and work on being a true mixed martial artist.

    He's still a massive draw. Just imagine him headlining a UFC card. The general interest would be even more through the roof than normal because the possibility to a competitive fight is much more close than in the boxing world for him.