The Patriots Are Coming...Again

Kevin StoneContributor IMay 19, 2009

For a team that was two minutes away from perfection a couple years ago, not much has changed.

Minus last year's little interruption and a quarterback named Matt stepping in to win 11 games...the New England Patriots may very well be right back at the top of the mountain this year.

After singing long time horse Fred Taylor, reliable veteran Joey Galloway and drafting a physical Patrick Chung, the Patriots look ready to impose their will on an unsuspecting NFL.

The only problem arising this off season may have been the departure of Mike Vrabel—an emotional and physical leader on the Super Bowl winning teams.

However, with Brady returning after playing less than a quarter all of last year, you've got to believe he's going to come out with guns blazing.

Besides Wes Welker, teams will now have to pick and choose how they will cover Moss and Galloway.

Picture this if your a Patriots fan—Randy's getting shut down in the Meadowlands. He's got one catch for 16 yards in the first half.

But you've got Joey on the other side who's hauled in a touchdown, and four catches for over 100 yards.

How do you stop the offense if your facing them?

You now have to double Joey.

Is Randy more wide open now? Is Wes now able to tear up the slot? 

Can Laurence Maroney and Fred Taylor now gobble up yards and the clock? 

Don't forget about Kevin Faulk on third down either, as you may be chasing him for a while.

The possibilities this year may be endless for this Patriots team.

As draft weekend came to a close, both Trent Dilfer and Chris Carter had similar thoughts.

Dilfer was quoted as saying, "This may be the most dangerous team we've seen in a long time in the NFL."

Two years ago the most dangerous team was 18-1.

Is it possible to be better two years later? 

The Patriots now have more of the weapons needed to finish the job.

Mercury Morris, keep your eyes and ears open again this year. 

That '72 Dolphins shin-dig and champagne may finally have another partner for you to share it with.