The Nickel: New Miss Wrestlemania, MVP/Hardy, Legacy Vs Batista

AkDSenior Writer IMay 19, 2009

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-Don't worry Orton, we're all tired too.


Randy Orton comes out to give a promo under dimmed lights, then Ric Flair comes out. Legacy once again does a beat down, this time on Ric Flair. Orton and Flair had an exchange of words and Flair got under Randy Orton's skin by telling him that Orton wan't the best in Evolution...Batista was.

They must really be paying Flair some big bucks for him to state crap like that with a straight face. Orton sucker punched him and Priceless came out followed by Batista, who fell to the numbers game as well.

It was two easy to predict as Batista was getting beat down. Everyone was waiting to see who would run out and surprise surprise it was John Cena. They cleared house and Orton retreat just like he does on every single RAW.

Cena then declared that he'll be gunning for the WWE championship no matter who is champ after Batista and Orton face off at Extreme Rules in a steel cage match. He couldn't stay out of the title picture couldn't he? I'm hoping Big Show makes him tap in their Extreme Rules Submission match.

New Miss Wrestlemania

Thank the heavens!

Vickie isn't actually a diva, but it's better than having Santino running around dressed as a woman. Chavo was defeated by Santino and ordered Santina to face Vickie Guerrero for the Miss Wrestlemania crown.

I thought Santina was going to win, but Chavo turned the match into a no DQ match and started wrestling with Santina/Santino. Chavo gets whooped and William Regal came from out of nowhere and delivered one heck of a suplex, then followed up with a running knee.

Santino was out cold and Vicke went for the cover and got the pin. I don't know what WWE is planning with this, but hopefully it's the beginning of the end for this Santina nonsense.

Diva Battle Royal

It was nice to see a diva match not involving Santino again. I enjoyed the battle royal to determine the number contender for Maryse's Divas title. Maryse was at ringside and she commented on the divas in the ring, trashing them like she does best.

The Bella twins had no chance and I was shocked to see Kelly Kelly eliminate Beth Phoenix. Is Kelly getting a push? Is Beth going to be put on the back burner? Maryse interfered in the match and through powder or some liquid into Mickie James' eyes and she was rolling on the mat covering her face.

Kelly was the only other diva in the ring and just simply kicked Mickie out of the bottom rope for the win and the shot. I was pleased, yet pissed. Kelly Kelly won cause of Maryse, so that's good.

Kelly also earned a future shot and I think it's good because she can hopefully prove she's more than a pretty face. The events that transpired foreshadowed a Maryse/Mickie. I thought Mickie should have won, but Kelly Kelly has something to prove, so it's alright.


Miz once again went to the ring and trashed John Cena, who didn't come out. What happened to.

"I'll never back down from a fight"


"Hustle, loyalty, and respect"

Miz is looking for a fight and Cena isn't giving it to him. He's definitely being disrespected, but still no response. Jerry Lawler decides to stick his nose in Miz's business.

I really hate RAW's announce team, both Lawler and King are face announcers. Miz was spot on when he said King talks crap at the table. I was looking for Miz to beat down the idiot, but Big Show did it instead.

Show told Miz that he's facing Cena and practically told Miz to beat it. After Show announced his submission match against Cena at Extreme Rules, Miz told him he'll face Cena after Show loses.

Show pushed King aside and gunned for Miz, who high tailed it out of the ring and ran away. Show wasn't finished, he grabbed King after hitting him in the back and applied a camel clutch. King went to the hospital and was replaced by Jim Ross (thank goodness).

Everything Else

  • The Maryse/Miz segment was amusing
  • Brian Kendrick's tag team partner search continues after he and Goldust fall to the Colons.
  • Goldust and Hornswoggle hmmm...NO
  • Chavo slowly trying to take power from Vickie...YES, interesting
  • Flair needs to stay retired
  • Matt Hardy vs MVP was decent
  • Not even going to discuss the main event..another Legacy handicap match.

Legacy vs Shane (2 times)

Legacy vs Batista

Legacy vs Triple H

Legacy vs Batista and Cena

Legacy vs me

Legacy vs you

Legacy vs Lawler

Legacy vs the ref

Legacy vs the camera man

Legacy vs Josh Matthews

Legacy handicap match next week.


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