Predictions for Rhodes Family Through WWE Battleground

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistSeptember 26, 2013

WAR CODY. (Photo by
WAR CODY. (Photo by

The best feud in WWE right now may be the one that is far from reaching its peak.  For three weeks, Triple H, his wife Stephanie McMahon, and henchmen Big Show and The Shield have been waging a war with the Rhodes family.

It's made for some compelling television.  So far:

  • Cody Rhodes was fired.
  • His brother, Goldust, returned to fight for his brother's job but lost his chance in a great match with Randy Orton.
  • Their father, Dusty Rhodes, was beckoned by Stephanie McMahon to get one of them rehired...but only one of them, so he refused.  He was given the choice of being knocked out by Big Show or suffering a gang-style attack from The Shield, so Big Show knocked him out to "avoid a worse fate."
  • Triple H relieved Dusty of his duties as NXT general manager, but that hasn't aired yet.
  • Cody and Goldust jumped out of the stands to attack The Shield, only to be escorted out of the building by security.

With the next pay-per-view event, Battleground, just a week and a half away, it seems like there should be at least one or two major developments going into that show, with maybe another major angle coming at that show.  At the very least, I'd expect something on the Raw shows around Battleground to have the next chapters if the pay-per-view show is a wrestling-heavy affair.

One possible direction would be to pull out something they used two years ago when The Miz and R-Truth were basically in the same spot, just reversed (heels fired by then-babyface Triple H).  They could cut promos on YouTube that are then used on Raw as part of the angle.

Obviously, the content would be different because Cody and Goldust are babyfaces, but it would be an effective way to move the story forward.  It wouldn't be the hot angle that the previous installments have been, but that's not necessarily a bad thing: The more they let this storyline simmer, the bigger Cody will be when he finally comes back and gets his revenge.

I'd like to see Dusty involved, but I'm not sure when the best time to bring back him back would be.  Next Monday or Battleground would be too soon for him to be at a live event, but maybe if there's an "at home" type of pre-taped segment, he could join his sons while he's recovering.

It's not really clear just how long Cody's time off is going to be: Next week makes it a month since he was fired and he was already back at Raw this week for the run-in, so it seems enough time has passed for him to have a nice honeymoon and come back refreshed.

If that's the clock that's dictating his return timetable, then it would make sense for him to return at or around Battleground.

Maybe the best scenario would be a combination of the above ideas: Banned from WWE shows, the Rhodes family announces on Raw, maybe via a YouTube video, that they have to get on with their lives.  The following Sunday at Battleground, they run in wearing luchador masks or something like that, and that sets up the next chapter of the story.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Let us know in the comments.  Regardless of what else happens, I just want more Dusty Rhodes promos.

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