What's in store for Lee Evans and the Buffalo Bills?

Lance BlackwaterCorrespondent IMay 19, 2009

Oh, what a time to be Lee Evans! 


Just last week he and Bills quarterback Trent Edwards were VIPs at Rogers Centre in Toronto as the Blue Jays hosted the New York Yankees.  Evans even served as a guest PA announcer in the bottom of the third inning, displaying skills that he may use when his tenure in the NFL is over.


But that isn’t the only reason the incumbent No. 1 receiver of the Buffalo Bills is happy to be himself.  It is the arrival of two very important pieces that will propel him into greater production this year.


The quarterback controversy in Buffalo is finally over and the Bills have rallied around Edwards after floundering with J.P. Losman for four seasons. 


Last season Edwards showed why he was one of the top three quarterbacks in the 2007 draft.  He showed flashes of brilliance in the San Diego game, where he went 25-for-30 as the Bills rolled over the Chargers in a 23-14 win.


Last season the fate of the Bills rested with Edwards.


He was knocked out of a game early with a concussion at a point in the season when the Bills were 5-1. Buffalo reacted by getting blown out 41-17 by the Cardinals. 


Edwards returned to the lineup in the next game and the Bills pushed for a playoff berth. But Edwards was sidelined again and the Bills lost three games in a row without him.


The shuffling of the offensive line with some key additions should help to protect Edwards from the kind of pressure that he faced last season.  Edwards will reward the Bills with solid numbers.  


The offseason addition of Terrell Owens will force opposing teams to defend Evans straight up rather than with the double teams he used to face.  T.O. is a big, physical receiver, which is something new in Buffalo and will draw double coverage.


Evans used to get all the attention on downfield plays when he lined up with Peerless Price or Josh Reed.  That is about to change. 


Evans had 1,017 receiving yards last year; that too is about to change.  Expect those numbers to go up with a very good quarterback and one of the top wide receivers in the league on the other side of the field.


Evans fans, get ready to see Lee catching a lot of deep, deep balls and stretching the field as he has done in the past.  But also expect to see T.O. get a lot of balls in the red zone.


Yes, what a time to be Lee Evans. Oh, and by the way, what a time to be a Buffalo Bills fan!