UFC 2009 Fantasy Pool

Anthony AscueAnalyst IMay 19, 2009

CHICAGO- OCTOBER 25:  People attend the UFC 90 at UFC's Ultimate Fight Night at Allstate Arena on October 25, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Alright kiddies, first and foremost this is open to everyone. And this will be updated to keep up with recent events, transactions and statistics. Also this fantasy pool is made strictly for the UFC and will follow UFC events and current fighters only.

The rules of this fantasy pool are simple, pick five fighters and keep track of their win/loss record, starting from this date and on.

A point system will be applied for wins and method of wins and at the end of the pool, which will last for 16 UFC events (till UFC 114). This pool will also include stats from UFC's Fight Night, but will end immediately after UFC 114.

The person with the most amount of points, wins. No cash involved, just bragging rights.

Here are the details:

Wins = 10 pts
Losses = -10 pts
Draws = 0 pts

Wins by KO = 7 pts
Wins by TKO = 5 pts
Wins by Submission = 7 pts
Wins by Unanimous Decision = 3 pts
Wins by Split Decision = 2 pts

Losses by KO = -7 pts
Losses by TKO = -5 pts
Losses by Submission = -7 pts
Losses by Unanimous Decision = -3 pts
Losses by Split Decision = -2 pts

Each participant is allowed to make one trade with another participant per month. That trade can be made at any time, except for seven days before a UFC event if the fighter/fighters in question are fighting on the card. ALL trades have to be presented to me from BOTH participants before the transaction can be finalized.

If one of your fighters gets injured or released from their UFC contract, you are free at any given time to replace them with another fighter. This will act like sending your fighter down through waivers, making him (if still under UFC contract) eligible to be picked up by anyone at any given time.

Also if you release a fighter, you are not allowed to pick him up again until the start of the next month. So if you release a fighter in late May, the soonest you can get him back is June 1.

As for releasing a healthy/in contract fighter in favour of another fighter, you are allowed to do this as well, but only once a month. And once your fighter is out of your roster, he will be considered a free agent and can be picked up by anyone at anytime. Also, you once again will have to wait until the start of the next month if you wish to resign him.

Alright, now to get down to business. For everyone that wants to participate in this pool, please sign your name in the bottom. Once entered your name will be entered in the draft. This is first come, first serve so for the people who sign first, will get first pick. And yes seeing as this is my draft, I do get first pick :)

For the draft, once all names are entered we will systematically go through them (in order of appearance) until each participant has filled out their five-man roster. Please keep in mind that due to the difference of time zones, this draft will take roughly one to two days to complete.

I will be contacting each participant informing them it’s their turn to pick a fighter, and then will post the latest signings here until all the roster selections are done. Hopefully we can get this done before UFC 98.

This is, like I said before all in fun. I’am taking the time out of my schedule to organize and update this thing so I do hope you all end up enjoying this. This is just a little something I thought would be fun to do for this community.

Remember all transactions must be presented to me before they can be made official. I will keep everyone updated of all the stats and transactions that come up and will keep everything tracked for reference.

Ok, now enough with the chit chat and lets get some names down on the dotted line. And by the way, even when the draft begins, if someone else wants to join in… contact me through my profile page and I will let you join. Although your selection for fighters might not be the greatest.

Now sign up!