Michel Platini The Saviour For the Forgotten Fans?

Philip BrownContributor IMay 19, 2009

TURIN, ITALY - OCTOBER 21:  UEFA president Michel Platini (L) prior to the UEFA Champions League Group H match between Juventus and Real Madrid at the Stadio Olimpico on October 21, 2008 in Turin, Italy.  (Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images)

There's a popular myth that does the rounds, the myth that Michel Platini resents English football and is on a crusade to destroy it.

As the scientific community would say, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. 

I look at Platini's priors and wonder just what it is he has done to have earned such condemnation from the English Premier League? The French genius has unbelievably been accused of being anti-English for saying things like, "Clubs heavily in debt will not be allowed in the Champions League", can someone please explain to me how that is anything other than doing his job as the well-being custodian of European football? 

Picture that oasis of only profitable football clubs in the Champions League, we would have no national monuments raped by the likes of the Glazers, Hicks, and Gillet, Liverpool and United without Champions League revenue would be a non-starter for these parasites. 

Leeds United would never have happened, it would prevent it from ever happening again, so tell me again, just how is that anti-English?  He's the knight in shining armour for all supporters who have watched their club used as toy by some morally and fiscally bankrupt human beings who have no motive other than financial. 

Let's analyse his criticism of foreign investment in the Premiership. On the face of it, investment looks great—lots of money, great players, instant success, every one's a winner right? 

Not if you look a little deeper. 

Thakshin Shinawatra had to be the most repulsive human being ever to acquire a football club, made an absolute mockery of the Premier League's fit and proper test and it said an awful lot about the modern football fan when City fans were showing up and confessing their undying love for the money laundering dictator. 

What kind of message did that send? 

Buy a couple of players and it doesn't matter if Saddam Hussein buys your club. Why aren't these supporters demanding more? If I was a City fan or any other supporter whose club was acquired by a rich mogul, i would analyse very closely what changes they are making. 

Say what you want about Abramovich, but he added value to Chelsea on and off the field, he built a new multi-million pound training facility which is exactly the kind of investment supporters should  be welcoming. 

That says commitment, that says you're in it for more than just the publicity and an ego trip. 

In my opinion, the true enemy of English football is Richard Scudamore and his co-horts who would play Premiership football over the graves of the dead if the price was right. 

People like Platini have been a long time coming, i only hope he has the courage to act on his threats, we would have a much healthier game.