Former WWE Wrestler Ken Anderson Parts Ways with TNA

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 24, 2013

Mr. Kennedy in WWE (from
Mr. Kennedy in WWE (from

It looks like TNA has lost yet another wrestler, with former WWE guy Ken Anderson being removed from the company's official roster.

Ex-Diva Mickie James' name was also removed.

As wrestling site Lords of Pain notes, America's troubled No. 2 wrestling promotion had been in contract negotiations with the pair, with apparently little success: "TNA has removed the profiles of Mickie James and Ken Anderson from the roster section on their official website...Both stars had contracts getting ready to expire and it was believed they were negotiating new deals but this is a sign they have parted ways with TNA."

Similar to James' future, Anderson's future in wrestling, assuming he even has one, is very much up in the air right now. It's hard to see the wrestler moving to Japan to reinvent his career or going to Ring of Honor. (Ring of Honor probably wouldn't want to meet his price tag, either.)

So that leaves only one option: WWE.

Anderson did, of course, work for the company between 2005 and 2009 under the name "Mr. Kennedy."

As the brash, loudmouth wannabe announcer, Kennedy initially looked to be going places.

He won the coveted Money in the Bank title shot at WrestleMania 23, feuded with the likes of The Undertaker and Dave Batista and got to be the lead in the WWE Studios flick Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia. He was even penciled in to be Vince McMahon's illegitimate son at one point.

Alas, the guy was plagued by bad luck and his own stupidity. He got injured at inopportune times, said extremely stupid things in interviews and got suspended for violating the wellness policy. 

Of course, the turning point came in May 2009 when he famously infuriated Randy Orton by accidentally botching a back suplex during a match on Raw. He was released only days later. The star would later complain in a lengthy shoot interview with Pro Wrestling Report that he felt Orton and others had sabotaged his career.

So it wasn't exactly an amicable parting of ways.

Would WWE take him back? Well, he's not exactly a young guy anymore (he turned 37 earlier this year), and it's not like he showed much during his rather unremarkable run with TNA.

There would also presumably still be problems with Orton that could serve as a hindrance in negotiations. 

Of course, Anderson is charismatic and remains a very good talker. Even his worst critics would have to admit his potential to be someone special. He just needs to be properly utilized. (It would also help if he was banned from doing media interviews.)

What do you think? Will Vince McMahon and WWE decide to give him another shot in the future? Or has that ship sailed?