Winning Pick: Matthew StafFORD

John ManzoContributor IMay 18, 2009


            Is this the correct draft pick that puts the Detroit Lions on top? Are the Lions going to make the playoffs? Could the Lions possibly win a game this year? All of these questions and more will be answered in the upcoming NFL season, but was Matthew Stafford, the quarterback from Georgia worth selecting number one overall? Stafford is a quarterback who has the arm strength and natural ability to conquer anything and what a better pick for the Ford Family than to have a player with the name “FORD” embedded into his last name. Stafford will be the new poster boy for the Detroit Lions. With a strong arm and great ability, a new surplus of weapons on the Lions offense, and a new head coach, this should finally be a step in the right direction.


            The Detroit Lions have had so many draft busts at quarterback that they haven’t won a Super Bowl in team history. A quarterback is the leader of a football team and without leadership, a football team is just a bunch of men. Andre Ware, Scott Mitchell, Joey Harrington, Jon Kitna, and so many other quarterbacks have failed in the old Honolulu blue, Lions uniforms. This is the draft pick that could potentially put the Lions into the right direction. Departing with team wrecker Matt Millen was the major relief needed for 2009-2010. Stafford has a powerful arm with great knowledge for the game of football and will be a Lion for many years whether Detroit fans like it or not. Stafford recently signed a six-year deal worth a maximum of $78 million, including $41.7 million guaranteed (Angelique S. Chengelis). In his final game at Georgia, Stafford played a very important role in defeating the Michigan State Spartans in the Capital One Bowl. The fans of Detroit got a great look at what Stafford could do to opposing defenses. Is a possible 2009-2010 starting job open for Matthew Stafford? “I’m going to fight like hell to get out there as soon as I can,” Stafford stated about the starting position.

            Every rookie quarterback loves to have weapons on offense and through the draft the Lions will add great promise to that number one selection of Matthew Stafford. From the draft, they obtained players that did address areas of need (Bleacher Report). The Lions snagged blocking tight end Brandon Pettigrew from Oklahoma State with their 20thpick from Dallas, which was acquired in the Roy Williams trade last season. With Pettigrew most likely getting an instant starting position, this will help guide Stafford in his mission to become the Detroit Lions savior. In my opinion, Stafford cannot hurt the chances of a 0-16 team can he?

Luckily, Stafford never had to grab a shovel and “keep diggin” last season with Marinelli and the crew. He will start fresh with defensive-minded Head Coach Jim Schwartz. Having a team built around defense is tremendous and will help win championships. With additions at safety, linebacker, and on the line, the Lions should have a new look defense in 2009-2010. The Lions drafted hometown star, safety, Louis Delmas, 33rdto secure the defensive backfield (Michael David Smith). This will greatly improve Stafford’s chances at saving the dreadful Lions. Quarterback Trent Dilfer, who is lucky to get the title of mediocre for a quarterback, won a Super Bowl with a Ravens team built on defense. Although Stafford seems to be the correct pick, many fans wanted to see linebacker Aaron Curry dress for the Detroit Lions. As an avid sports fan and longtime Lions lover, they finally made the correct pick because they addressed the need of linebacker by locking up veteran, and former MSU Spartan, Julian Peterson and also veteran, and former Uofm Wolverine, Larry Foote.

Stafford was the correct pick and will soon enlighten the eyes of Lions fans all over the state of Michigan in what will soon be great football. Having great football is like Arizona getting a major snow storm, but as they say, there is a first for everything.