Alter Ego Productions: Iceman Goes One-on-One with Tyler Williams

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMay 18, 2009

A warm welcome to all the readers of B/R wrestling community, we have Tyler Williams on the show today.

We will talk about a few subjects as I did with my guest Adrian Staehle last week.

I have big news at the end of the show about next week's edition.

Iceman: Hello, how is everyone doing?

(Crowd says "Good.")

Iceman: That's awesome, lets get the 411 around here.

Oh and speaking of 411; Joe, do us all a favor and stop re-writing wrestling news in your own words...leave that to the pros.

(Crowd laughs.)

Iceman: All jokes aside, Judgment Day was a great PPV.

(Crowd laughs.)

Iceman: Tonight, we have a great show with Tyler Williams as our guest.

(Crowd starts chanting "T Wizzle.")

Iceman: Let's welcome to the show, Tyler Williams.

Tyler comes out as the crowd cheers as they both sit down.

Iceman: Welcome to the show, Tyler.

Tyler: Thank you, it is a pleasure being here.

Iceman: Let's get right into to it, why the love for wrestling man?

Tyler: My love of wrestling has narrowed but I still have mad respect for it. These men
and women basically give their lives for this sport because they love to do what they do and that is why I enjoy wrestling.

Iceman: That is great to hear, I feel the same way. Who are you gunning for on B/R?

Tyler: Ha ha, who am I gunning for? Hmm...well, let's just say who recently has
fallen off his crown, ha ha.

Iceman: Oh, well the the Former No. 1, you heard it here first...why B/R?

Tyler: Okay now this question's great. Why B/R?

Well I stumbled across B/R by looking up the latest news of MMA on Google. Now every time I would search it, I would see the name Dorothy who is the top writer of the MMA section. So I decided to read one of her articles and I enjoyed it; after that, I went through the rest of the site and fell in love (laughs).

Iceman: Who is the best writer on B/R?

Tyler: I have stumbled across many great writers like AkD, Shane H, Granny D
and a long list of others, I apologize if I didn't mention the others' names.

Iceman: It's a great list of names you've got there as they all deserve to be where they're at. Tyler, What is the state of the WWE and TNA in your eyes?

Tyler: Here is another great question, What is the state of WWE and TNA?

OK, I see wrestling in a slump as popularity has gone down, stars have left and etc. I think it's time to take a different approach, times have changed and so should they. I am liking what I am seeing with WWE though as Vince is trying to build new stars. Now as for TNA, I see nothing for them, they just keep getting dumb and plain.

Iceman: Who do you think are the top three writers on B/R in the wrestling community?

Tyler: Now who are the top three writer on B/R? Ouch, you're killing me (laughs), but I'll go with AkD, Shane, and JLB.

Iceman: Top writers on here are good picks, how about the bottom three writers on B/R wrestling community?

Tyler: I'll pass on that one.

Iceman: What do you think of Adrian Staehle?

Tyler: Now what do I think of Adrian Staehle? Who is he again? No I'm just playing, but being serious now, I think he has great ideas. Also I like his attitude because when someone gives him a tip on how to improve yourself he doesn't take offense. He is a great guy and writer and I thank him and you for this interview.

Iceman: Thank you, you're always welcome on this show, what do you want to be remembered for on B/R?

Tyler: What do I want to be remembered for? My articles, well in a good way and just hope people enjoy reading them.

Iceman: I have always enjoyed some of your articles especially The Wackness; it was good stuff, what writer do you have your eye on?

Tyler: A writer I have my eye on? (Laughs) Mr. X, No. 1 I'm coming for you DUDE!

Iceman: Well, I think everyone is on the band wagon for Joe. Do you think people enjoying your writing?

Tyler: Do I think people enjoy reading my work? Well I hope so (laughs), but as long as I know one person enjoys it, I'm OK with that.

Iceman: Who is your: Favorite wrestler, Least favorite wrestler, and most underrated wrestler?

Tyler: My favorite is The Rock—he is just ultra talented...Least favorite? Hmm, I don't know. I would say Cena, yeah I said it, what you gonna do ice berg and cheddar bob (laughs)...Just kidding, now the most underrated would be Benjamin—the guy is talented and gets no love.

Iceman: The Rock, Cena, and Shelton, sounds good, WWE or TNA even though I think you've answered this earlier?

Tyler: I'll let you guess.

Iceman: (Laughs) Tell me how you got into wrestling?

Tyler: I started watching wrestling in the first grade and I was a bully back then so
when I was going through the channels seeing some one getting beat down, I enjoyed it.

That's how it began.

Iceman: If you could compare yourself to one wrestler, who would it be?

Tyler: one because I am me and no one will do like I do (laughs). But I would say The Rock, he just has that swagger.

Iceman: OK, it's time for the Word Association game, now I'm going to say a word and I want to you tell me the first thing that comes to mind.


The Rock?

Tyler: The Great One

Iceman: Stone Cold

Tyler: Hell Raiser

Iceman: John Cena

Tyler: Step it up

Iceman:Randy Orton

Tyler: Raw

Iceman: Edge

Tyler: Step it up

Iceman: Batista

Tyler: Please Retire

Iceman: State of Tag Team Division

Tyler: Think I just flushed something similar down the toilet

Iceman:Divas Division

Tyler: Same as Tag Team

Iceman: World and WWE Title Division

Tyler: They look very nice yes lol World and WWE titles-um Orton and Edge

Iceman: ECW

Tyler: Tyson Kidd

Iceman: Raw

Tyler: Legacy and Miz

Iceman: SmackDown

Tyler: Where WWE's future is at

Iceman: Chris Benoit

Tyler: R.I.P.

Iceman: Eddie Guerrero

Tyler: R.I.P.

Iceman: Mr. Perfect

Tyler: R.I.P.

Iceman: Joe Burgett

Tyler: Step up your game and write more articles so I can print them out and use
them for toilet paper because I'm out.

Iceman: Shane Howard

Tyler: Great Co-leader, writer and a funny guy

Iceman: AkD

Tyler: MR. No. 1 and creative writer

Iceman: Tyler Williams

Tyler: ME—stay tuned because I'm coming back, full force.

Iceman: New Comers

Tyler: Welcome

Iceman: Vets

Tyler: Continue to write good articles

Iceman: The future of wrestling TNA and WWE?

Tyler: Not looking too good

Iceman: What do you think of Vince McMahon?

Tyler: Very creative, built an empire but has lost his touch.

Iceman: Do you have anything to say to anyone on B/R; call them out in words?

Tyler: Well if it's not to obvious, Joe Burgett I'm gunning for you and I want you to be a part of my newest and revamped series "THE SHOWDOWN" where I will interview you and than some other dudes, so step up to the plate.

Iceman: One last question—Our next guess will be Will Howard; any words for him?

Tyler: I hope you enjoyed this like I did & good luck.

Iceman: Thank you for joining me, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to do this and I hope to see you down the road.

Tyler: Thanks, man.

Iceman: Next week, Will Howard will be on the show but I had an idea thanks to the other man that gave me the idea to do it: Sulayman, he will join us as I go Head to Head to Head as we have two guests on the show. It will get interesting and very open with the situations going on in the WWE, TNA, and B/R Community and after the three way dance I will go one on one, not in the ring but Kevin Canny as the Bret Hart of B/R will be going one on one with me.

In the following weeks to come our guests will be: Will Howard & Sully, Kevin Canny, Joe, JLB, Joe Burgett, DJ Rallo, and Leroy Watson.

Rate and comment and if you want to be a part drop me a message on here or on my page.

Until next time, this is the Iceman. "Keep it Chill." 

(Crowd cheers as show is over...)

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