What is Wrong with the New York Yankees?

Andrew PhillipsCorrespondent IApril 15, 2008

After attending a Yankee game last week—my first of 2008—something seemed amiss.

Could it be that Yankee fans who are tried and true are realizing that the shrine known as the "House That Ruth Built" actually is in its' final season? Is there finally wear and tear in the minds of the Yankee faithful that there has been no World Series Championship in seven full seasons?

Or could it be that fact that with the younger "Boss," Hank Steinbrenner, now in charge there is even more pressure to win now?

Is the starting rotation really secure? Are increasing ticket prices simply an added burden on the New York fan? Or could it be that the hated arch-rival Red Sox have seemingly reversed the curse by winning not one, but two World Series?

As a Yankee fan and native New Yorker, I have many options when it comes to choosing a team to root for. Throughout the years, the Yankees have thrived in New York due to a few things, whether it be the futility of the Mets or the big names that the Yankees acquire in the offseason.

Let's face it: There always has been, and always will be, a tremendous buzz about anything to do with the New York Yankees.

With the current situation in New York, as well as the fact that the cross-town rival Mets seem to be more and more exciting with their nucleus of young players every day, the New York Yankees are a team of destiny. Destined to fail.

With Jason Giambi currently hitting far under .200 and Robinson Cano being ice cold to start the season, coupled with the seemingly ever-changing uncertainty of their bullpen, the Yankees cannot rely on their planned fairytale ending in The Cathedral.

The All-Star Game is an added perk, as well as this being the Stadium's final year, but if you don't have the right pieces in place, well, you can't put the puzzle together.