Judgement Day 2009 Review

Christi LottCorrespondent IMay 18, 2009

Despite the WWE's best efforts, I was able to watch this without buying. (Just give it up WWE, it's the Internet!) Here's my take on the results:


Punk vs. Umaga

Well, being in your hometown doesn't always work out so well, and Punk came out on the losing end. Umaga is a big man who can actually wrestle, and it's nice to see him get a push.

I have a feeling we're watching him getting built up in preparation for The Undertaker's return. He looked strong in this match just through power alone. Punk, although he lost, managed to lose strong, because he lost to a guy much bigger and stronger than him.

Punk isn't built up like Cena, where it's believable he could beat a bigger man with that kind of move. It reminds me however that Punk or the WWE have forgotten that he knows a good amount of submissions.

The fact that this match was so early made me think a cashing in was set up, but looking back, it's better to wait for him to do it; that way it becomes more special instead of being just another title change.


Christian vs. Swagger

This match wasn't as good as their Backlash match. It just didn't have much intensity. It continued making Christian look like a crafty veteran in his win, and the cheating helps Swagger look strong and have a reason to complain.

A good match, but nothing to write home about.


Morrison vs. Benjamin

Although alot of people are talking "highlight reel" with this one, it's only because of two moves. The 450 splash to the outside was dangerous, and almost looked botched if Benjamin hadn't moved. The match was just off, mainly because of Benjamin.

It was not that long ago that he was putting on quality matches with The Undertaker. Where's that guy?

Morrison is surprisingly getting over as a face, and I think that's a credit to his in-ring work. His finisher is fun to watch, and this win moves him up higher and higher. Perhaps if Jericho gets that IC title around his waist we can get a nice summer feud between the two.


The Miz

Talk about the art of a great promo. I feel like The Miz is told a few things to hit and then he's on his own, because this felt unrehearsed. I loved his quip to the crowd about sounding like ducks, and all the joking about the Cubs.

Chicago fans tend to be more die-hard about the Cubs than the Bears, so it was a much more logical choice. If the skit would've ended with The Miz it would've been perfect. Instead Santino came out and, although funny, he kind of ruined Miz's momentum.

Chavo then came out and just completely ruined it.


Mysterio vs. Jericho

Did anyone else think they were watching WCW? I loved this match. It was nice to see Jericho go back to some lucha roots and be an uber-rudo (heel) in trying to rip off Rey's mask and with all the counters on Rey's 619.

The fans are always foaming at the mouth to cheer Jericho because he is truly a Superstar, even as a heel. The loss made sense as it continues the feud, and will most likely lead to Rey's mask being on the line at the next PPV.

Like I said previously, I see Jericho getting the belt before Summertime really begins and hopefully getting into a program with Morrison.


Orton vs. Batista

This match being this early told you Orton was winning. It was an okay match. Although Orton is a big favorite of mine, he nor Batista are really known for being great in the ring.

The two of them managed to do an alright job. I like Orton doing what he did in being a coward, but it should only go so far. It highlights him doing whatever he can to hold on to the title, but really makes him look like a sissy, and with everything he's done to the McMahons, it makes no sense.

The finish was lame and expected. I did nothing when Ric Flair ran out except roll my eyes.

At this point, if Legacy wants to be a successful heel faction, all three should move to ECW and join The Hart Foundation. I just don't get this continuous burying of the three of them, who are supposedly the future of the company.


Big Show vs. Cena

Take about ten minutes off of this and give it to Mysterio/Jericho. God what a snoozefest. Yes, I'm a Cena hater and was not excited for this match. You knew the WWE would only build Cena as an injured underdog for so long. the match really only needed five minutes to do what it needed to do.

Show throws body punches, Show works on Cena's ribs, Cena no-sells hurt ribs, puts Show in move to highlight power and wins.

The announcers killed it for me with their Cena butt-kissing. They were acting like Cena had never AA'd Show before, but he did, a month earlier at Wrestlemania! The loss does absolutely nothing for Show but kill his momentum as the No. 2 heel on RAW.

Now it's coward Orton and then the Miz. The WWE should've never moved Jericho apparently. This match also does nothing for Cena. Where does he go next? Frankly, I don't care.


Edge vs. Hardy

Thank goodness this ended the show, and made me forget about the previous crap. These two work really well together, and it was nice to see them in the main event.

I've got a funny feeling this will be Hardy's last title match. The two had some nice spots in a match that fit them well. Edge managed not to be a chicken heel champ like he usually does.

Matt's interference backed that up because it continued his story with his brother, without it looking like he did it solely for Edge.

It looked like Edge didn't know about it. It was nice to see Edge bust out the Edgecution and pretty much win a clean victory. It's obviously meant to set up The Hardys at Extreme Rules. Punk is still in sights for Edge and perhaps so is Jericho, maybe signaling a face turn for Edge.

All-in-all it was a sub-par show. It pretty much looked like a typical Friday Night Smackdown show, with a couple RAW matches in the place of a tag match and a Divas match.

I wish the WWE wouldn't put all the PPVs so close together, as momentum is continuously taken out the storylines every month.

I surprisngly got 4 of my predictions right, which says to me that the WWE is becoming too predictable.


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