Judgment Day Was Not Bad As You Thought

Matt WhiteContributor IMay 18, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  World Heavyweight Champion Edge poses during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

Alright Alright...a lot of people are mad about the recent Judgement Day Pay Per View. I can see where there are some disappointments about some outcomes but I don't see what the uproar is about. However, lets take a deeper look into this:

John Morrison def. Shelton Benjamin 

Excellent and exciting match. This is a great feud for Morrison right now, he needs someone athletic that he can sort of 'show off' against. He can do things with Benjamin that he can't do with other guys in the ring.

I would love to see this blossom into a real Morrison/Jericho feud. The spots at the end were a little sloppy, but they were also very difficult to put together. I would like to see these two continue but not for very much longer. Good match for sure though.


I know that this probably could've been done on Raw, but I loved this segment, I have already repeated so many lines from Miz' promo (Morrison being called Marty Jannetty, You can't see...A WORLD Series Ring! Oh, Lou Piniella called he wants you to get your yearly injury on the field).

This whole Miz over Cena thing is awesome! He's 4-0! Miz is cutting promos like he has been doing it for years at the top. Morrison was an obvious star out of that Tag Team, but Miz may be a real dark horse and make something of himself. (Please don't team him with THE Brian Kendrick and then squash that team)

Umaga def. CM Punk

Now this is where I see where people could be mad about the result. However, I think it makes some sense. I mean Umaga has been pegged as the 'monster' on Smackdown (Sorry Mike Knox, you lost via flying forearm last week).

But regardless of this result, the match was extremely good! Umaga went over huge as a beast in the ring, and Punk showed that he wouldn't stop until the Thumb Poke.

I think they did it well, but I think if you would've had Umaga get a chair and lay waste to Punk it would've put both guys over (C'mon like Chicago wouldn't have gone nuts if he get's Spiked, then kicks out! Umaga gets mad and grabs a chair and pummels him and Punk walks out under his own power...instant eruption!).

Either way, these two should tangle a few more times, big props to Umaga for showing very little ring rust, if any.

Christian def. Jack Swagger

If I've ever seen instant chemistry in every aspect of wrestling, it is right here! These two on the mic are gold. However, at first, I thought that Swagger would be very awkward with a guy like Cage in there. I can admit I was dead wrong.

These two just get what they are supposed to do in the ring. The psychology is great, these two make ECW worth watching (ECW and SD are more fun to watch than the 'flagship' RAW...another time...another place).

I could see these two doing a mega feud exchanging the titles, however, I am nervous on how desperate the E is to put the strap on Kozlov. It's inevitable.

Rey Mysterio def. Chris Jericho

I was pleasantly surprised with this match, even though 10 years ago...this match would've been just immaculate! Now Rey has slowed down but I still think Jericho is a modern day Flair with his ability to make everyone look solid in the ring.

Rey can hold his own, don't get me wrong. But when you do the things that he did in WCW and create a new style of wrestling to watch and then you've done everything he has done including the Rumble win and the World Title reign...you become stale in people's minds (or maybe just mine).

Therefore, I don't think any fan can really see Rey winning another World Title so he should be in the mid-card helping out the younger heels (Benjamin, Kendrick, Ziggler...yes...Dolph Ziggler!).

Jericho is a major heel on the brand, but him losing doesn't kill him obviously, it's a conspiracy people!! I just want to see what they do with him now...Please Morrison feud! If they pair him against Khali I will riot.

John Cena def. Big Show

Who knew Cena could get Show up with bad ribs or was it a concussion? Either way, this is a smart move because Big Show is never going to be a guy that needs to be built up.

I mean he's huge so he can seem logical in any WWE sense. Cena goes over here, but it's not over. I think they are pushing him and Orton to mega-stardom for Summerslam match-up. (Please E....prove me wrong) Cena is superman, always will be...get used to it people. It could be worse, he could be paired with Khali again.

Batista def. Orton via DQ

This was blatantly obvious to me, I mean c'mon there is a pay per view in three weeks. This is an easy feud to extend with the Legacy around. It helps that Naitch did come out even though I don't understand it. I won't get too in depth for this match, Orton needed to win and Batista needed to look tough to get a rematch in three weeks.

Edge def. Hardy

So no title changes at this show...which is smart since all three World Titles changed hands (Wait...there is three world titles?) at Backlash. I think Edge should be a mega heel on SD because then it gives you time to build up Morrison, Punk and other faces.

Then you put them over huge with a crowd if they finally can defeat the Ultimate Opportunist. But my question is the same as most peoples...WHY IS MATT HARDY INVOLVED!!

They very easily could've done the edge-a-cution from the top as the finish. Either way, hopefully they don't continue that Hardy/Hardy feud. I am hoping for the Edge/Hardy conclusion at Extreme Rules...Ladder? TLC perhaps?

This PPV was a positve, not a negative. I can honestly name the negatives:

- Matt Hardy interfered.
- Punk didn't cash in (c'mon Chi-town is obvious but the mark in me wanted it)
- Orton/Batista got too much time for the DQ finish.
- World's Greatest Tag Team (The 34th Heel tag team)
- MVP didn't get a match on here!

This is my first shot at this. Let me know what you think, even if you think I suck. Until next time...


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