Oakland Raiders Need JaMarcus Russell, Not Jeff Garcia

SonnyCorrespondent IMay 18, 2009

The Oakland Raiders in my opinion made a great move in bringing in Jeff Garcia as a back up QB to JaMarcus Russell.  And you can take it from the only person in the world that had the Oakland Raiders taking Michael Mitchell in the 2009 NFL Draft, Jeff Garcia was brought to Oakland to back up Russell and nothing more.

There is a reason that Jeff Garcia has played for four NFL Teams over the past five seasons. Garcia had played one year for the Browns, one year for the Lions, one year for the Eagles and his last two years in Tampa. Garcia's best days are behind him while Russell's are all in front of him.

The Raiders by signing Jeff Garcia now have an experienced starter behind JaMarcus Russell. In case of injury, Garcia will be able to step in and play for the Raiders and play well. And just having Garcia in training camp will be good for JaMarcus Russell.

But make no mistake about it, there is no way that JaMarcus Russell will not be the starter for the Raiders on opening day. J. Russell will also stay the Raiders starter for all sixteen games in 2009 unless he would not be able to start because of injury.

Even if camp was going to be an open competition for the starting QB spot and it is not. I do not believe that Jeff Garcia would be able to beat out J. Russell for the position.

And lets get over the three-day meet and greet mini-camp that so many are making such a big deal over.  

Last year in Tampa Jeff Garcia threw 12 TD's and six picks winning six games and loosing seven games. That is not many touchdowns for a QB that has been in the NFL as long as Garcia has been and just one more win then Russell had with Oakland.

When you consider that JaMarcus Russell in only his first full year as a starter threw 13 TD's to eight picks while having no wide receivers for much of the year, what does that say, not to mention the Kiffin circus.

People want to look past just how much better JaMarcus Russell became towards the end of last season. Russell went 3-3 over his last six games with the Raiders having nothing to play for. Jeff Garcia went 3-3 over his last six games in Tampa with them playing for a Playoff spot while dropping their last four games of the year.

J. Russell threw 7 TD's and four picks over his last six games with a completion percentage of 64.6 percent and a QB Rating of 92.55 showing a lot of progress from his early part of the season. These numbers were better then Jeff Garcia's over the same time period.

Jeff Garcia over his last six games with Tampa had a lower completion percentage 60.75 percent as well as a lower QB Rating then Russell, 90.2 QB Rating. Garcia threw the same amount of TD's over the last six games as Russell, (7) with one less pick then Russell (3).

Now when you consider that Jeff Garcia has been in the NFL for over 10 years and that his team in Tampa was counting on him getting them into the playoffs last year. All he needed to do was win one of Tampa's last four games and Tampa was in and Garcia could not do it.

As a matter of fact it was JaMarcus Russell that schooled Jeff Garcia in the last game of the season in 2008. All Tampa had to do was beat JaMarcus Russell's Raiders and Tampa was in the Playoffs. But Jeff Garcia could not make the passes when they counted and that was with Tampa having a leading NFL receiver on their team.

Russell made the throws when they counted and lead the Raiders to a win and knocked Jeff Garcia and Tampa out of the Playoffs. Forget the running game the Raiders had against Tampa, J Russell made all the passes when they were needed and Jeff Garcia did not.

The Oakland Raiders are JaMarcus Russell's team, not only in 2009 but 2010 as well. Al Davis know's full well what he has in Russell and Mr. Davis is smart enough to let Russell develop into the QB they know he will become.

I expect the stick from SI and ESPN but when you have a site that calls itself RaiderBeatthat continues to spout all this garbage about Russell and the Raiders it makes you wonder. Everyone is  in-titled to an opinion but some facts would be nice rather then all the garbage they put out.

The Oakland Raiders are JaMarcus Russell's team now and in the future. And as I have wrote, even if the QB competition was open there is no way that Garcia would be able to beat out JaMarcus Russell.

JaMarcus knows this and so do the Oakland Raiders and deep down Jeff Garcia know's it as well. This will be the year that Russell starts to become more consistent and shut up many of his critics. And I am sure that Russell will feel good that he has a back up like Garcia playing behind him should he become injured.