Lotus F1 Team Promote 'Explicit Content' Twitter on Car After Raikkonen Tweet

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterSeptember 20, 2013

Lotus F1 Twitter
Lotus F1 Twitter

Not very long ago, Lotus got themselves in a bit of trouble for tweeting a picture of two rabbits getting up close and personal when Kimi Raikkonen decided to leave them for Ferrari in 2014.

However, as they say, all publicity is good publicity, and the best part of 20,000 tweets suggest that it got around the internet in a hurry:

So #Kimi is off to #Ferrari for 2014; it hurts a little bit… #F1 #Raikkonen pic.twitter.com/HkFhWvqpTo

— Lotus F1 Team (@Lotus_F1Team) September 11, 2013

Lotus, however, have decided that there is nothing to be gained in being sheepish about their Twitter feed. Therefore, they have painted a special message on both cars at the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend to encourage fans to follow them.

You can see it here, as pictured on Romain Grosjean's livery:

Ah yes, the hashtag! Viewer discretion advised here folks; this particular #F1 feed may contain #ExplicitContent... pic.twitter.com/mEyVoAF5jB

— Lotus F1 Team (@Lotus_F1Team) September 20, 2013

And why not? The feed now has just passed 300,000 followers—and, if you want to read it, you've now been given fair warning that a tweet or two has the potential to offend once in a while...