Cricket and the Machine-Made Product Phenomenon

Dann KhanAnalyst IMay 18, 2009

Life that we lead is a very interesting. Full of new technology. Full of manufactured stuff. And of course, where manufacturing comes in you have the use of machines.

These days everything is completely machine made. From the beds we use to car we use to even the toothbrushes we use. Machine made life is the life we lead.

So in such a case how can sports be left behind. It has got all the techie material that helps a player in every possible way.

And since cricket is a sport, it has also been influenced by technology. Bowling machines, speed guns, snickometer, hawk-eye are only a few examples.

But the machine I want to talk about is the one that has been developed recently. The Player Churner. Well it is not actually a machine, but you can imagine it to be one. Every day we see so many new players coming into the game and perform so well.

Young boys that are spotted as potential replacements for our current legends are seen. It is quite encouraging to see so many of them play so well.

So that is why everyone is happy with the machine. It produces good talent regularly which performs. Unlike the old days when some were good while others were so so. So the machine has raised the performance level.

So far so good.

But then why am I writing an article about it? Why is a good writer and a good cricket thinker (there is nothing wrong in feeling like that even if I am not) wasting his time when everything is fine(as we sports analysts tend to often look at the negative side of things)?

The thing is that no product can last very long as the best in the market. Because if that happened, then there would be a fall in daily demand and thus, the market will crash.

So a constant upgrading of products has to be done. Better models have to be brought in and the older ones have to be discarded. These days there is so much competition among different companies that newer products come out daily.

Products also break down pretty quickly. They are made to break down quickly. It's a clever thing to do. A person fulfills his needs through these things. So it is guaranteed that he will come back to buy the moment the product breaks down.

Also, rival sellers find weaknesses in the other person's product and make sure their product does not have it.

So these are the three factors that ensure that people keep on discarding the old and buying the new.

I earlier mentioned that cricketers are also being produced like these machine made products. 

We see so may new boys coming in and impressing us by putting up a great show. But within six to seven months or even less, they end up being dropped from the squad.

Even if they are not dropped from the squad, the end up being easy targets for the opposition and perform miserably at the international level and the best example for this is Ajantha Mendis, who was an absolute sensation when he came, but now is clobbered with ease.

This is the machine made product phenomenon. Players are figured out after some time. Or they are so over worked that the have injury issues and then they finally break down. Or, some one performing much better comes in and takes his place.

Unfortunately, the cricketing world has become so money minded,. Because of this players have to deliver immediately and do not have even time to breathe. So the moment they are out of form, they are out of the team.

And once you are out it is very difficult to come back. And since we humans are very complex machines, it takes a lot of time for us to upgrade or for us improve. And when we finally improve, we are to old to play.

I am not getting into whether this is right or wrong. But this is definitely the a phase where capitalism is ruling cricket and IPL is the one thing that has made it's reign complete. IPL is deciding who is good and who is not. Who was good last year is not good anymore.

So is player only is good for a year? Well, that's a fairly short career for people playing a sport where good players are usually there for at least 10 years.

We really require some "hand made" stuff. Some good some bad, but long lasting. I am not saying it will succeed, bet let's try it out again. 

We want to see legends being formed again. And legends are not formed in one year

And I personally want to see fewer players come up and not a dozen churned out at a time. Let there be one long career rather than a million short ones.