James Harden Will Only Shave His Beard for Charity and a Lot of Money

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterSeptember 19, 2013

Locks of Love? Maybe. Beards for Boys?

Well, that’s not a real thing. However, if it were an actual philanthropy, James Harden might consider losing his beard for it. 

The Houston Rockets shooting guard was going about his affairs recently when a TMZ cameraman threw out an interesting proposal:

“How much would it take to cut the beard off? Would you do it for charity?”

According to the TMZ report, yes, yes he would.

Harden said he’d lose the beard, but not without stipulations. He’s not about to hack off his luxurious face-mane to help buy books for underprivileged barn owls. He’d do it for a good cause, and more importantly, the right cause.

“Depends on the charity,” Harden said. He also said he’d have to raise a boatload of cash to do the deed. The cameraman threw out a figure, which the Rockets star promptly laughed off.

“Would $80,000 do?” the cameraman asked.

“Hell naw, $80,000 wouldn’t do,” Harden said.

Considering last year Harden signed a five-year $80 million contract, he’s got a reason to laugh. You’re talking peanuts, player. Harden has been growing this beard since 2008.

God, that was an awkward look. I would hold out for as much as possible if I were Harden, who would probably donate $80,000 to charity if it meant not going back to the chinstrap.

Harden is going to need more than five figures to go beardless, and I don’t blame him. Beards like his don’t just grow on trees, they grow on faces—stalwart and determined man faces.


Locks of Love isn’t ready for the Harden beard.