Saving the New Talent of WWE

Dustin SpeakerCorrespondent IMay 18, 2009

This is my first article, but I felt it was time to give my opinion. That opinion being that the WWE has some new talent that could be good if they were given the right tools. I will address the few at the top of my list.

Ricky Ortiz

Okay, horrible gimmick, horrible finisher, beyond awful catchphrase. In the ring he has some good skills, but the WWE made him into a corny character in attempt to market him to children. The guy as I understand it has a background in Football. Why not build from that, the shoulder block is a good start.

I'm not saying to have yet another wrestler who uses the spear as a move though. A finisher really needs to be a move that looks flashy, and like it gets the job done. A move like the Alabama Slam might work, it shows a lot more skill then running to the ropes and forming an O with your hands before performing a belly flop.

As for the gimmick, oh yes, lets talk about the ever optomistic use of the worst catchphrase since the overuse of, "The Champ is here!", I believe anyone who has heard him talk on camera knows what I mean.

Rally up.

A few weeks ago when, Edge entered, Teddy Long's office to gripe about usual problems, he said the words that made me chuckle. Those words were, "Rally up?! REALLY!?"

I think they could use him in a better way than have his career be summed up by a catchphrase. Not just every wrestler can have a catchphrase, like The Rock, or Mr. Kennedy, these men have that thing called Charisma, or pure annoyance working for them.

Yet I digress, by getting him some better ring skills, losing the unnecessary theatrics in the ring, and possibly doing something about his hair falling in his face all the time.

DJ Gabriel

The only thing afflicting this man is the gimmick. Good lord, what were they thinking! I mean does every athlete have to have a corny gimmick? The guy can wrestle quite well, his use of the big swing, and European uppercut caught my eye, but the ridiculous DJ gimmick was awful. Not to mention that this concept of a DJ seemed to be quite dated.

I don't think he really needs a gimmick to begin with, if a gimmick is needed make him look like a DJ from this time period. I don't do a lot of clubbing so I'm not sure, but I don't think DJ's wear aviator sunglasses and leather jackets. I think his career could be saved if they just avoided the cheesy gimmicks.

In closing

With all this said, if the WWE just works at packaging their talent properly, they wouldn't have what is often referred to as "Future TNA Employees." I would like to see more talent staying, not just getting cut because they didn't turn out as well as hoped.