Comebacks and Walk-Offs

Ethel Lair@twittel1Contributor IMay 18, 2009

NEW YORK - MAY 17:  Joe Mauer #7 of the Minnesota Twins dives to tag out Brett Gardner #11 of the New York Yankees in the ninth inning on May 17, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. The Yankees defeated the Twins 3-2 in ten innings.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Can You Say "The NYY Walk-off Come-backers"?

Yes, you can folks! Say it go ahead! Even you Boston fans best get used of saying it as one day we will see you again and you had best remember our teams new nickname!

Today was the third day in a row that our team not only came back to win, but did it walk off style!

Friday it was Melky's walk off wining hit in the ninth! We came back that day against the closer Joe Nathan and that in itself was not easy!

Saturday it went to extra's to the eleventh inning!

Then as John Sterling the Yankees radio announcer says "It is high it is far it is gone" It's an A-Bomb from A-Rod! Yes, A-Rod won it with a two run walk off homer!

Then came today, Sunday and for the third day in a row the Yankees did it again! Extra Innings again but it got done in the same fashion!

This time it went to the tenth inning and it was Johnny Damon to the plate!

YES Network's Michael Kay said (as he usually does when the ball goes out). "There it goes see ya!" Johnny won this one with a walk off solo homer!

Each and every walk off had one thing in common that had to do with one certain player. He says he's always done it and so he had to keep it going as a Yankee!

It was AJ Burnett with a pie in the face for Melky Friday, A-Rod on Saturday and today it was Johnny Damon's turn to take the delicious pie in the face.

AJ said they deserved a piece of pie after winning the games! I thought that practice only happened when championships  were won or to rookies.

I guess that means we are champions again. Yep, I do believe and Nico does too  Now so do the NYY! They believe in themselves and are finally playing like champions do!

So, then thanks AJ Burnett for the pies in the faces keep them coming til we take home the trophy in October okay?

I think they would rather of had it on a plate and ate it with a fork, but when you win that way even the pie in the face feels great!

Now, all you Yankee fans and Yankee critics too that were worried about them can relax a little as they are doing just fine and getting better everyday!

Winning the way they have the last few days does wonders for their confidence as a team. It brings them closer together as well!

They now believe they will win every game not just hope to do so. Faith Hope and Charity (Love) remember those three things as they are contagious as you'll see.

It is a different team and just imagine soon the other regulars will be back healthy and strong to contribute and help us win!

What a bench we will have and unfortunately some will have to go back to the minors and hopefully they will not send down the wrong players. 

We need to have the ones contributing now to stay and keep the chemistry going on the field and in the clubhouse!

Our weakness was our pitching and especially our bullpen. Not any more. I like Aceves and soon Brian will back and a few others have been stepping up their game as well.

Our pitching as a whole is getting where we thought it should be when we signed CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett and re-signed Andy Pettitte.

Chien Ming Wang due to come back soon and I know he will begin to win like he can again! What a great rotation we will have, one through five.

The bullpen will be strong to take the games to Mo and the "Sandman" can put the rest of the players in the ninth to sleep! He does it best and He too seems healthier again!

I see us ahead in the East very soon. I know Toronto and Boston are ahead of us, but soon they will be looking up at us on the top of the division! 

We won't win every game the way we did these last three days but win we will. We can be the Bronx Bombers in every game and it does not have to be the game winner. 

We need to win with our pitching and defense and playing smart small ball as well. It takes all the players to win and using all the tools there are to win those games! 

I'm sure there will be more comeback's and walk-offs everyone. After all we are the "Bronx Bombers", right? Right! 

Sometimes it will be a dramatic win like these last three. I enjoy those but rather not have to wait to the end of the game all the time.

It does not help greying hair right Joe? The nails too get shorter as they don't call those nail bitter games for nothing. LOL

Sometimes wins come as a blow out (not that often in this division) and sometimes its by one run by playing smart small ball.

It is going to take many kinds of wins to make it to the top, but to the top we are going and going to stay there and be the last team standing in October! 

It is going to take everyone to win just like these last three days have shown us. Everyone both pitchers and hitters both have done their job!

The veteran players and the youth working together just like in the years when we won all those championships in a row!

Remember also we won championships playing for someone or something special? I thought about that a lot lately. 

One year it was for Joe Torre's brother in the hospital. He was their inspiration as was Joe's Sister the Sister if I remember right?

Then  we played and won for Daryl Strawberry when he was battling cancer. Oh, I'd like to add Darryl won his battle against cancer. So we were all winners as we are now.

I want to tell you all how and why we will win No. "27" this year everyone!

There is a nine year old little girl at New York Presbyterian Hospital that gave Bret Gardner a bracelet before the game the other day.

She told him if he wore it he would hit a homer that day. She even believed the impossible (to us) that he'd hit one every time he wore it.

That was maybe a little too much to believe, but believe it she did. After what followed you may believe whatever she says will happen will happen.

No matter what has to happen to get it done! She is an amazing little girl of faith hope and love!

Read the whole inspiring story by Heartbeat of the Bronx here on BleacherReport folks it is the best story you'll ever read about baseball.

It's really much more than a baseball story! It is a story that will inspire you and motivate you to believe for anything possible or impossible!

Her story tells us why we we should really play the games. It's not just about fame and fortune stars and up coming stars of the game.

It also helps us forget some about all the bad stuff going on right now in sports especially America's National Pastime of baseball.

You don't need any artificial help like steroids to be winners. Three words I'll keep saying until you get it folks. Faith, Hope, and Charity (Love). You need those three things.

When you try to get ahead by cheating it always comes back home and one day you'll lose more than you ever gained

Drugs may give you a quick fix and make you look and preform better at first but they will eventually harm your body and possibly take your life.

Is it worth it to get those few years of fame and fortune?

Look at some now standing to lose all their accomplishments or have an asterisk put by their name on the records they hold.

I ask you again is it worth it to win that way? Answer no, but they still try doing it the quick way. When will they learn it does not pay?

There is a way to win without those things and it will bring lasting happiness and true success!

Want to know the secret? How much you willing to give or should I say give up?

It will cost you your pride and maybe you'll have to lose a few friends, but ones you'll find aren't really friends in the end.

I can tell you but if you read Heartbeat of the Bronx's article on Brett Gardner and his new little friend you will see the answer to how to be a true winner!

She was in the hospital waiting a transplant. She was not trying to impress Brett at nine years old.

She was sincerely trying to help Brett Gardner and her favorite team the Yankees win.

Thinking of others she loved, as she herself needed more important help! Even in her suffering she thought of others.

Now that's love. We can learn that lesson too from this little girl along with a few other things as we will see.

She cared about others even above her own needs! Do those that supply you with artificial help really have your interest at heart? Do they do it for your gain really?

This story inspired me to believe more again and for a few reasons She can teach us all some lessons. I think you will agree if you can't say amen at the end of this say ouch!

First of all she did it because of love. She loved Brett Gardner and all of her New York Yankees. You could see that in the photo shown on the article written about them.

Love is more than an emotion it is a way of life. It is a powerful weapon everyone!

Sadly we use that word too lightly. Like I love my car and home, etc. We sometimes even love ourselves more than others. Ever hear of the "Golden Rule"? It's the truth.

Love can be a force to be reckoned with if we use it for the right reasons and not just say we love.

Our actions and words can say otherwise. Like the sports saying "I live for this game" Do they? I love playing baseball many say. I sure hope so as I like seeing them play!

A lot of them still do play the right way and love playing baseball and I'm glad.

Sorry to say, however, some of the time the truth is they love playing for so much money fame and fortune. No matter how or what they have to do to get there

In what they call (and I wish they wouldn't as all do not do steroids) "The Steroid Era" they live more for themselves.

 Sadly they don't play any more for the love of the game and for the fans like little Nico.

Maybe she can inspire other teams even in other sports to play more for the fans!

So the first lesson we can learn from that story of this child and Brett is LOVE.

She loved and she gave of her own possessions. She did not love to gain anything for herself and did it in spite of her own pain and need.

We need to do things for others because we love them and play baseball like it should be because it is a game even though it is a career and way they make a living.

It should be played fair and with respect for others especially the fans.

I hear players saying all the times they won for the fans or want to thank the fans, but how much do they mean those words?

Some do and you can tell it by how the interact with the fans. Some won't even acknowledge the fans at all and that is wrong!

They pay to go to those games and deserve to see them play the right way. Many say they do it for the fans, but do they?

Lesson number two to learn from Nico is she has FAITH she truly believes that bracelet she gave will help Brett hit a homer. She had no doubt!

Have you ever heard what it says in the book that "A little child shall lead them"? The faith of a child or childlike faith? Children are great examples to follow in many ways!

Their faith is pure and they have no fear it seems. They just have more trust in someone other than themselves.

They are positive as a rule and always have hope They just know it will be okay.They put their hand in an adults hand believing they will be safe.

Sorry to say sometimes too trusting. Faith though is good as one can never have too  much faith!

We do have to watch who and what we trust in this life. I trust and have faith in the one above and I think Nico does as well.

We are negative more than positive are we not? Don't we look for the bad in people more than the good? Children look for more of the positive and believe in others more. 

Faith Hope and Love you've heard that before, but it is all we need really!

Faith Hope and Charity was a song a long time ago with very true words! 

It says, also, in that song that's how we can live successfully, etc. Look up those words and live by them!

This girl truly believed when she gave that bracelet to Brett he would hit a homer and it was not just coincidence that he hit one.

Even if Johnny had to be ejected  and other things had to happen. All things worked out for good as she said it would. She knew in her heart. She had Faith, Hope, and Love!

It was not your average traditional over the wall homer for sure. Brett would have rather not have had to run all the way home from first but that's how it happened!

I believe just like this brave little girl in our team! Now they believe it too as you can see by the way they have played lately.

Since she gave him that bracelet things have changed for the better. Haven't you noticed the spirit of the team?

That is not just a group of players some veterans some youngsters and rookies! They are a TEAM a FAMILY just like during those winning years!

They are playing like their going to win not playing like their trying not to lose the games. They are smiling and laughing and enjoying the games again!

Years ago it happened and it's happening again! I just was thinking oh God if only they had a cause to or someone to win for again.

Then Brett visited a hospital and met a little girl who loved the Yankees, had great faith that would give us a new desire to win!

Joe Torre's brother won his battle and Darryl beat cancer too. This year it will be a little girl who will be winning her battle and live a long healthy life! 

Why? Because they all believe and share the same kind faith, hope and love!

We all can share that faith, hope and love and learn from all three of these courageous and loving people who were winners in themselves and inspired us to win!

We can and will win just as  those others have done. It  just takes those 3 things faith hope and charity (love). 

So, fellow writers and readers of this article remember this weekend. Don't ever forget the story of Nico and Brett Gardner.

Remember these last three games if you ever feel like giving up on the team or yourselves.

Look back at this weekend at the end of the season when we win #27 for this remarkable little girl! We will do it because it took a child's faith to teach us to believe.

Remember it began this weekend with one brave little girl and one young New York Yankee player willing to believe in her as I know He did.

It did  not stop with Brett folks but lead to these last three miracle wins. The Yankees today became "The NYY Walkoff Comebackers"!

They will keep on wining as long as they keep the faith going and don't get discouraged if they don't get a comebacker or walkoff win all the time.

I pray they just play expecting to win! Keep the hope, keep the Faith and remember the role charity played in your road toward winning it all again this year! 

Thank to our little fan and thanks Brett for being our inspiration. We will win this one for you both!





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