With the 11th Pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills Select...

Matt SchmelzlenContributor IApril 15, 2008

The player will hopefully be someone who can be an immediate spark, like last season's first round pick Marshawn Lynch.

After a 7-9 season, and being in the playoff hunt, it's hard to call the season a complete disappointment, but improvement is needed. The Bills approach the 2008 draft with needs in the key positions of wide receiver, tight end, and cornerback. The draft should be the main focus for the Bills to better the franchise, but a late trade certainly isn't out of the question.

The lack of a big physical wide receiver contributed to the Bills lackluster total of 25 touchdowns all season, ranking 30th in the NFL. It's no secret the Bills are looking to add a big presence to the wide out position, but likely won't address this need with their 11th overall pick simply for the reason that there is not a prospect who can bring the physicality and size the Bills are looking for. The Bills were interested in Malcolm Kelly from Oklahoma, but after a weak on-campus workout and the questions surrounding his health, he may have completely dropped out of the first round. Devin Thomas from Michigan State also has come up in conversation, but has the lingering notion of being a one-year wonder.

Look for the Bills first round pick to be a defensive back, specifically a cornerback. This year's draft is rich in the cornerback department and therefore heavily sought after by many teams. The Patriots and Saints are two teams ahead of the Bills who also are in the market for a cornerback. Look for the Bills to take either Aqib Talib from Kansas, Leodis McKelvin from Troy, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie from Mid. Tenn State, or Mike Jenkins from USF, depending on availability.

In later rounds the Bills need to address the issue of a tight end and a back up running back. With offseason losses to both departments, the Bills will look to add a third down back and possibly an impact tight end in the second or third round.

With the need for a physical wide out, a trade is a great possibility, especially if Chad Johnson were to get serious about making a move to a new team. The addition of a player of Chad Johnson's caliber could be the piece of the puzzle the Bills may need to make the push at a AFC East title and a Super Bowl title.