Oklahoma Defensive Back Wants to Play 'GTA V,' Compliance Officer Shuts Him Down

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Oklahoma Defensive Back Wants to Play 'GTA V,' Compliance Officer Shuts Him Down
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
Pictured: Kass Everett, No. 23. Image via Steve Sisney, The Oklahoman.

Sometimes, all you can think about are video games. 

Rockstar Games has taken its time crafting Grand Theft Auto V, and now that it’s finally out in stores, people around the world are fighting each other just to snag a copy.

But what if you don’t have beaucoup bucks? Or even $60? What if you’re a broke college kid like Oklahoma cornerback Kass Everett, who can’t afford the game but has been waiting for years to play it?

Can you have a friend buy it for you? Nope, not according to the OU compliance office, which used Twitter to shut down a potential NCAA violation involving Kass and the game of his dreams.

Andy Moore of BroBible.com noticed the compliance blockade, which took place on the social media site Tuesday morning. The senior cornerback was burning the late-night oil when he sent out a tweet lamenting how he couldn’t afford the new Grand Theft Auto.

Former Oklahoma safety Tony Jefferson, now a member of the Arizona Cardinals, (half) jokingly responded that he would pick up the tab—you know, if it weren’t for compliance.

Everett responded to Jefferson with a tweet that can only be read in a sad, sniffling tone.

Sure enough, compliance came in hours later, swinging the long rod of buzzkill.

Indeed, GTA would have to wait, and it did—for about 17 hours.

Yes, Everett eventually got his game, and he swears he went through the proper channels.

It’s hard to keep a guy from his video game, and as long as Everett is performing in school and on the field (he's already had a positive impact on the Sooners season), let him play.

Compliance probably isn’t cool with you following me on Twitter.

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