Selfish Flair: Why Ric Should Worry More About His Son's Well-Being

Tommy CochranCorrespondent IMay 17, 2009

GARDEN CITY, NY - MARCH 3:  World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) professional wrestler Ric Flair speaks on a panel during the 'Professor For A Day' event at Nassau Community College March 3, 2003 in Garden City, New York. Flair acted as an assistant professor to WWE CEO Linda McMahon, who lectured a group of sports marketing majors on the marketing and promotional strategies that have made the WWE a long-term success.  (Photo By Steven Henry/Getty Images)

You know...I've never been a huge Ric Flair fan, but I always respected what he did for pro wrestling and his own personal accomplishments in the ring. You don't have the kind of story career Ric Flair has had by packing it in on some nights or not giving it your all day in and day out.

Career-wise, Ric Flair is the gold standard, but outside of wrestling he's a ticking time bomb, and now it seems that his son Reid Flair has not only inherited that trait but doubled it.

If you somehow don't know by now, Reid Flair was arrested, for the third time, after crashing his car while impaired.

Here's the serious part: in Reid's car was a significant amount of black tar heroin.

For those that don't know, black tar heroin is a type of heroin primarily produced in Mexico and is found primarily in the western United States, and sometimes in Canada and Europe.

Recently, it has found a home in North Carolina as it is less expensive than a lot of the other drugs out there that have similar effects. Black tar heroin is extremely dangerous and highly addictive.

I am not a father yet, so I can't tell you what I would do to my son, but I can tell you what my late (he passed away two years ago) father would do.

First, he would verbally and perhaps physically berate me, then he would get rid of, or prevent me from using, anything I use or own (car, iPod, etc.), then he would send me directly to a rehabilitation center.

What did Ric Flair do?

He posted his son's bail, got him a match on a wrestling promotion, and did another ROH guest stint.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but if I saw my son flushing his life down the toilet...I would stop everything to help him.

Tonight I saw Flair make an appearance on Judgement Day, and all I could think of was, "Your son is going to kill himself one day Ric. Help him!"

Is Flair that conceited and selfish that he would let his own son continue to go down this dangerous path and ignore it for one more time in the spotlight?

Does being in the spotlight mean more to him than his own son?

Does Ric actually think Reid is capable of succeeding now?

I don't know, nor does anyone, what Flair is thinking, but I do know one thing...this situation goes far beyond wrestling and if Flair doesn't do something soon, he might lose his youngest child forever.