Tweeting The Celts–Magic Game 7

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Tweeting The Celts–Magic Game 7
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Game 7 journal, Twitter style. 

If Anderson Cooper says it's useful, I'm not going to argue.



8:09 pm—Dwight Howard just gave some Celtics courtside family a lap dance. This feels like a game seven.

8:09 pm- Stan Van Gundy “panic level”—Cautious


1st Quarter

10:44—First points. Rondo with 2, and we're off!

10:10—Alston with a 3!

9:30—The Magic are hitting their wide open 3s tonight. 

8:52—Howard mauls Rondo, Magic ball, Karma Police catch up w/ the Magic on a travel.

8:05—Mark this down: Giving Howard wide open dunk opportunities will not win this game for the Celtics.

6:25—Magic are 3/3 tonight from 3pt range. 

5:36—Dwight w/ another dunk. 19–9 Magic. Celts frequently losing track of the biggest man on the court while he’s standing in the paint.

5:11—Dwight just literally floated over to the baseline and blocked a Pierce layup

4:08—Howard’s vert is limited to 14.5 feet.  Good to know.

3:02—A quick sweep of courtside fans reveals far fewer fake breasts than the Lakers’ game.

2:26—Courtney Lee with a huge block on the fastbreak.

2:10—Inadvertent whistle.  Wish someone had informed Joey Crawford of that option

2:10—SVG PL–Elevated.  Is the pallbearer getup for the Magic funeral, or just his head coaching career?


2nd Quarter

SVG interview.  Still panicked.  He’s a man with two styles, Stiff or 70s porno “Stiffy”

11:48—Pierce strikes first. 2 points

10:28—the NBA’s low, cinematic angle makes it difficult to tell what the hell’s going on

10:14—Turk with another 3.  10 points on 4/4 shooting

9:15—Howard got away with a goal tend.  Out of bounds on next poss. Karma police are all over him

8:20—Marbury got picked by a ref.  Biased officiating has to go.

8:06—Gortat’s, aka “that white guy’s”, dunk was “Howardesque”

6:04—Rashard is the only Magic Player missing 3 pointers.

5:39—“Move it, Swing it, Pick it”– My favorite rap song and Doc Rivers’ motivational slogan

5:15—I just found out I’m on at least a 15 second delay in relation to ESPN’s gamecast

4:30—Once again, the Magic overshoot a Howard alleyoop. Unacceptable.

3:15—Celts closed to 6 point deficit. SVG panic level—Cold Sweat

2:26—Pietrus with a 3. 6 minutes and 6 points. Redick hasn’t taken a shot, yet he starts.

2:00—Reggie’s “best closers” and no mention of Ray Allen.  Somebody’s jealous.

1:30—42-38, Orlando.  SVG in heart attack mode

:05.3—Rondo mauled, no call.  Shot clock violation, Ray Allen still hits the no shot.  Clutch, Reggie.

:00—45-38 Orlando



Interview Turkoglu.  Can’t understand a word he’s saying.

Best commercial I’ve seen in a while:

Kenny Smith makes the best of that gimmicky touch screen.

Hedo eats pregame pizza.  Great rehash of terrible investigative journalism.

Commercial—Heineken Taxi.  Never, ever have 4 people been so coherent on the way from the bars

Highlight Montage—Some Nickelbackish band. Alston slapping House in the head in slomo. I lol’ed

Highlights—How much game prep does Redick waste getting his bed head right?


3rd Quarter

12:00—Howard, Alston, Redick, Lewis, Turkoglu.  Why SVG, why?

11:09—45-41, Orlando.  SVG trembling

10:43—Goaltending, Howard mauling the rim, the Celts, and the Magic.  Strange no call.

10:13—Big Baby came out strong, nobody else is playing right now. 3 point game.

8:49—Rondo dunks on Howard.  Crowd goes nuts.

6:51—Rondo with a stupid foul on Alston.  3 point opportunity.

6:34—Ray Allen jumper. 15 points, 26 minutes

5:27—Redick with 3 points!  He’s played this entire quarter, and 21 minutes of the game and has 3 points.

4:35—Hedo with a 3.  Magic 10/17 from beyond the arc. 

3:54—Uncontested Dwight dunk.  How does that happen?

3:20—That lucky charms guy (Scalabrine) got his first points

2:40—Ray Allen with a 25 ft turnaround.  He’s keeping Bos in this by himself.

2:08—Redick’s out after 24 minutes and 5 points.

1:24—Pietrus scores immediately.  Why doesn’t he start?

:00—Rondo with a foot-on-the-line buzzer beating 2. 66-61.  Celts within 5.

Commercial—Year One: Jack Black, the Superbad kid, will it be funny?


4th Quarter

12:00—Perkins, Allen, Marbury, Rondo, Scalabrine.  What’s up, Doc?

11:35—Pietrus 3.  11 points. Start him!

10:57—Current Magic 5—Pietrus, Lee, Johnson, Howard, Turkoglu. I like it.

10:58—Howard with another block.  He’s got 5

10:30—Pietrus with another make. 13 points.

9:59—Game 7: Where lots of Orlando “And-1s” happen.

9:31—SVG close up.  He looks “jittery” despite a 15 point lead.

9:15—Howard altered a shot without even moving. He feigned a block and Marbury bit. Respect.

8:20—Pietrus with another 2!

8:04—Howard with his 5th foul.  Magic up 17. Uh-oh?

8:04—Magic up 15, 8 minutes to go.  SVG panic alert: Mild shivering, has to pee.

7:19—Paul Pierce “flawless” at the line? Dream on, Marv.

6:00—Paul Pierce finally hits a big shot.  Too late?

5:43—Eddie House hits his first shot.  Again, too late?

5:17—Rondo with two, consecutive, bad fouls.  He’s got 5.

5:11—Boston Timeout.  SVG is winded.  Panic overload!

5:00—90-75.  Celts are in trouble.

4:18—Ray with a 3.  The man doesn’t give up.

4:12—Panic SVG makes a terrible decision: Dwight coming back in with 5 fouls.

3:27—Turkoglu is on fire, 25 points.  The secret is clearly pregame pizza.

3:27—Celts Timeout.  Strategy must be to make SVG ruin his team during the TOs.  95-78.

2:52—Alston with the dagger!  Magic up 20.  Tony Allen coming in soon?

2:30—Tony Allen’s in!  Game over!  Game over!  Magic to the conf. Finals despite SVG!

Congrats to the Magic!  Final score: 101–82

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