B/R Turns into the WWE—Raw Edition: Proving Himself

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B/R Turns into the WWE—Raw Edition: Proving Himself

Welcome to the series B/R Turns Into The WWE. I would like to thank everyone who read last week's Raw as it got the most reads in the history of this series. Now without anymore delays, let's begin.

Monday Night Raw

(Jeff) Welcome to Monday Night Raw, everyone! We are here in Los Angeles, California, for another great show.

(C. #2) The whole locker room is buzzing about Judgment Day.

(Jeff) It without a doubt got us out of our seats, as it was an amazing show.

(Joe Burgett comes down to the ring with a less than pleasant look on his face)

(Joe) Yesterday at Judgment Day, I, Joe Burgett won back my World Heavyweight Championship. Only to have Jason Le Crap take it away from me. Even though I am the champion, I just don't feel like a champion without having that precious belt with me here. So JLB, get out here and return what is rightfully mine!

(Jason Le Blanc walks out with the belt, he grabs a mic and enters the ring)

(Jason) What's up, LA?

(Joe) Oh shut up you piece of Le Shit. Now give me back my belt.

(Shane Howard walks comes down)

(Shane) You might as well give me the belt because it'll be mine soon enough. Ryan got lucky last night, that is all.

(Ryan comes down) I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, Shane, but I didn't get lucky last night. Last night the lucky man was Mr. Joe Burgett. As he used his rematch clause and miraculously won. Well tonight I'm using my rematch clause for a World Title opportunity.

(Shane) No, if anyone has a World Title match tonight, it'll be me.

(JLB) Guys it doesn't matter who fights Burgett tonight because in the end, I will defeat whichever one of you is champ.

(Adrian Staehle comes out) I noticed that all the top athletes on Raw were out here so I made my way down too.

Look guys it doesn't matter what you want or you or you or even what you want, Joe. Because all of it is going to be forgotten after The Iceman wins the World Title.

(Joe) And when is that going to be, Adrian? Not any time soon I assume because there is no chance that anyone on this planet or the next can take this belt from me.

(Svyato comes out to address the superstars in the ring)

(Svyato) Well this will be easy to resolve. Tonight it'll be Adrian Vs Jason. The winner will face The World Heavyweight Champion in a casket match at Extreme Rules.

As for the World Heavyweight Championship I got a great idea for tonight. It'll be Joe Burgett vs. Shane Howard vs. Ryan Michael vs. two other superstars to be named in a Elimination Battle Royal for the World Heavyweight Championship.

(Joe) Hold on there! What about Le Crap carrying my title? Aren't you going to tell him to give it back to me?

(Svyato) You want it, I suggest you take it back by force then.

(Joe) What!? That's not fair!

(Svyato) Your right, that's not fair. That's RAW!

(Svyato leaves)

(Jeff) Oh, wow!

(C. #2) Tonight should be an amazing show!


(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw everyone. We are just in time for an ITC match. Chris Browne will try to end Greg Bush's undefeated streak.

(Both men come down to the ring both looking to walk away with the ITC gold)

Bell sounds the fight for gold begins. Chris locks up with Greg. Chris shows off his power and throws him right into the corner. Followed up by him ramming Greg and winding him badly. He brings Greg to the center of the ring and locks in the Figure 4 Leg Lock.

Greg struggles, but eventually does make it to the rope. Chris covers, 1, 2, Greg rolls the shoulder. Chris brings him to his feet and starts giving him some rights and lefts. Greg falls to the ground.

Chris covers, 1, 2, once again Greg rolls the shoulder. Chris starts kicking him. Chris now goes to the corner and just stares at the beaten down Greg. Greg gets up and Chris tries to go for a spear instead he gets a big elbow to the face.

Now Greg takes him and delivers a big side walk slam. He covers, 1, 2, Chris kicks out. Greg now gets Chris up to his feet and lifts him up and slams him down hard. Greg going to the top rope now.

He waits for Chris to get up he dives looking for a diving clothesline, but Chris ducks and Greg lands right on his arm getting hurt badly.

Chris feels the time to strike is now. He waits and waits and Greg up gets speared by Chris. Chris for the cover, 1, 2, 3. The match is over.

(Announcer) Here is your winner and new ITC champion, Chris Browne!

(Jeff) Yet another new champion is crowned!


Jason getting ready for his match when he gets attacked by Joe Burgett. He takes him and throws him right into the door. Now takes his arm puts it between the door and closes it on him.

Here comes the WWE security. They pull Burgett away as he is screaming "give me my title!"


(Announcer) The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the No. 1 contendership at Exreme Rules. Introducing first, Adrian Staehle.

(Jeff) Well, Adrian took a short break from the WWE because he said he had some personal issues, but now he's back and ready to make his mark on Raw.

(Announcer) And his opponent, Jason Le Blanc.

(C. #2) A no show perhaps?

(Announcer) And his opponent, Jason Le Blanc.

(Svyato comes out) I am sorry to inform you that Jason Le Blanc will not be able to perform so the winner is Adrian...

(Jason) Hold on! I can compete.

(Svyato) I don't think you should.

(JLB) Well I do!

(Jeff) So I guess the match will go down.

Bell sounds match begins. Jason locks up with Adrian and quickly puts him in a sleeper looking to win the match. Adrian breaks out of it though. Le Blanc now lifts him up and slams him right down.

He covers, 1, 2, Adrian kicks out. Jason now locks in the cross face on Adrian in another attempt to have him tap. Adrian gets to the rope. Jason gets up and waits. With Adrian up JLB goes right after him and spears him.

Covers, 1, 2, Adrian just rolls the shoulder. Now he locks up with Adrian again and suplexes him. Adrian gets up and Le Blanc goes after him again, but Adrian gives him a cheap shot.

Now Adrian looking to take him out, but it changes into a spinebuster for JLB. Here's the cover, 1, 2, oh so close. Le Blanc angry now and someone's coming out of the audience. It's the World Champion Joe Burgett.

JLB hasn't noticed him yet as he is already up high for the Nosedive. Looking to hit it, but Joe pulls him down. Bell rings. 

(Announcer) Here is your winner as a result of a Disqualification, Jason Le Blanc.

Joe now gets a chair and starts beating him with it. Here comes Ryan to the aid of JLB. Burgett tried to hit him with the chair, but Ryan ducked underneath and gives him a kick to the mid section. Now he takes the chair and hits Burgett with it.

Here comes Royalty Judgment to the aid of Burgett. Ben and Giorgi hold Ryan while Sulayman pounds away. Here come Adam Testa and Terrell Johnson. Johnson delivers a big boot to Sulayman while Testa takes it to Giorgi and Ben.

Now Burgett is there alone. JLB has the chair. Here comes Conor Green! The man who destroyed Ray Bogusz last night. He automatically takes out Testa. Now as he turns around he sees Johnson and running right at him, but he trips him.

He now takes him and throws him on the table. Oh, but now here comes Ray Bogusz, I guess he didn't listen to Conor when he said not to show up on Raw again.

Ray looks to do some damage, but instead he gets dropped on the announce table. Here come about 10 referees with WWE security to break it up.

(Svyato walks out) If you guys really want to get at each other I'll make it happen. Next week we will have a 8 man tag match. It'll be...

Ryan Michael, Ray Bogusz, Adam Testa & Terrell Johnson Vs. Conor Green & Royalty Judgment.

(Svyato) And since you guys want at it so bad, next week it'll be Joe Burgett vs. JLB in a No DQ match.

(Jeff) Oh my! It's looks like we hit the mother load when it comes to main events!

(C. #2) Oh yeah! Raw will return after the break.


(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw. Remember, we still have a World Championship match later tonight which so far looks like this: Joe Burgett(c) vs. Shane Howard vs. Ryan Michael vs. two unknown opponents.

(C. #2) Thats right. Two more superstars will be named and added to that elimination Battle Royal.

(Jeff) Right now, though, we have Jason Savage in the ring.

(Jason) There are a few reasons I'm here in the ring right now. One is that I would like to apologize to my tag partner Ste Eccles for my actions last week.

I lost my temper and took it all out on you, and that wasn't cool. So if you can come out here I would like to do it in person.

(Ste makes his way down)

(Jason) Listen man, I really hope you can forgive me for what I did last week. Since I can't control myself I have decided to end this competition between LeBron and Kobe. Is that alright?

(Ste) I forgive you man and it's all good if you wanna end it; I'm cool with it.

(They shake on it when Adrian Stahle comes out)

(Adrian) What the hell is this? There's no hand shaking in wrestling. Now tonight I lost and I am not the No. 1 contender for the World Title, but to make up for that I have a challenge to you people. 

How about for next week I find myself a tag team partner and we challenge you for those titles. Do you accept or are you guys too scared of losing your precious belts?

(Ste) We accept.

(Jason) C'mon you could give us a challenge, I mean you and some other piece of s*** person. That just makes me laugh.

(Adrian) Well, it won't be so funny when we take your gold from you!

(Ste) And when's that gonna be? Certainly not next week.

(Adrian) You just wait and see (Adrian walks away).

GM's office

(Shreyash) I'm Shreyash Dugar.

(Svyato) I know, you're the man who attacked Burgett last week.

(Shreyash) I'm Shreyash Dugar, and I want in to the World Title match tonight. 

(Shane Howard walks in) I suggest you go away, Dugar. I got some things I need to discuss with Svyato.

(Dugar leaves)

(Shane) Really? An elimination battle royal for the world title? Now I can't call the shots here, but for the love of god I have a way better idea.

(Svyato) I'm listening.

(Shane) I'm pretty sure your aware of the Scramble Match.

(Svyato) Indeed I am.

(Shane) I'm saying use that match instead. It would be a way better fit.

(Svyato) You know what that's a great idea. I'll take it into consideration.

(Shane) Consideration? If you want a match that will please the audience, assuming that's what you want I really suggest you go with my idea.

(Shane leaves)


(Announcer) Please Welcome the General Manager of Raw, Svyato Rovenchuk.

(Svyato) Moments ago, Shane proposed that I change what kind of match the World Title contest should be a scramble match. I am denying his request because I am the one in charge and he just wants an easier way to win.

The main reason I'm out here is to announce the other competitors in that match tonight. I'm adding Ray Bogusz and Conor Green to the match. But right now we are going to hear from our very own Women's Champion, Mina.

(Mina) I know I got a little crazy in my last divas match, but I don't care. No one in the WWE can take this title from me. I am going to go down in history as the greatest Women's Champion of all time.

(Jen comes down) I wonder how your going to do that when I win back the title next week. Since you got yourself DQed last week, I got another opportunity.

(Mina) Do you honestly think you're going to beat me?

(Jen) Yes, actually. It's not that hard. I've done it before.

Mina slaps Jen. Jen slaps Mina back. Mina cheap shots Jen and she falls to the ground. Mina goes outside and gets a steel chair. She attempts to hit Jen with it, but she dodges and trips Mina from behind. She goes to the top rope and hits her finisher, the 450 splash.

(Jen leaves the ring with a confident smile on her face)


(Interviewer) I am here with Shane Howard. Now Shane you tried to change the match around for tonight, but Svyato denied the request. How do you feel?

(Shane) I feel Svyato is an idiot not to change tonight's match. A Scramble match is much better than a Elimination Battle Royal.

(Interviewer) How do you plan to win?

(Joe walks in) However he does plan to win, it won't work as I will be the one walking out of tonight still the World Champ.

(Shane) This is my show. You attacked an already beaten-up Ryan to win the title. That's not an amazing accomplishment. I won cleanly in a ladder match to win the title. Now who was that guy I won it from?

I know this just give me a sec. Oh yeah, it was you, so I suggest if you wanna have any chances of winning tonight hide beside the announce table and when I eliminate Conor, Ray, and Ryan then you can come back and give me your best shot even though you will still lose.

(Shane leaves)


(Announcer) The following contest is for the World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first Ray Bogusz.

(Jeff) I don't think Ray can win this, considering the beat down he suffered yesterday at the hands of Conor Green, who is also in this match.

(Announcer) Introuducing next, Shane Howard.

(C. #2) Well Shane really sent a message back there to Burgett. He insulted him like no one has done before. Well JLB has also insulted Joe badly in the past, but I think what Shane said is without a doubt the worst.

(Announcer) Approaching the ring, he is the former World Heavyweight Champion, Ryan Michael.

(Jeff) Well, Ryan Michael, did win the title yesterday, only to quickly surrender it to Joe Burgett.

(Announcer) Coming to the ring next, Conor Green.

(C. #2) Well, he destroyed Ray yesterday. Tonight, he will be looking to destroy not only Ray, but as well as three other superstars if he wants to win.

(Announcer) Introducing last, he is the current World Heavyweight Champion, Joe Burgett.

(Jeff) Well the odds are stacked against him, but Joe doesn't care. He's here to win!

Some important notes: You cannot get DQed or counted out. You can win by pin fall or submission.

Bell sounds match begins. All of them just standing there looking around at each other. Now they start. Conor taking it to Ray early. He shoves him into the corner and gives him some big chops.

Meanwhile, Ryan just threw Shane out of the ring and is now going to work on Joe. Joe gives him an elbow though. He shoves Ryan into the shoulder and gives him some shoulder thrusts.

Meanwhile Conor gets Ray and throws him into Burgett who was still fighting with Ryan. He now pushes Ray down to the corner and gets Burgett. He lifts Burgett and hits a perfect Jackhammer slam.

He covers 1, 2, Burgett kicks out. Conor turns around to get hit by a dropkick from Ryan. Ryan covers, 1, 2, Conor kicks out. Ryan goes to the top rope now. Maybe looking to deliver something big.

He was ready to jump off when Shane pushed him from behind. Shane now climbs on the rope himself and hits him with a flying shoulder. He covers 1, 2, Ryan rolls the shoulder. Shane gets up only to be facebustered by Joe Burgett.

Joe now goes outside the ring, gets himself a chair and gets back in the ring. He's about to hit Shane when he gets tackled from behind by Ray.

Ray covers, 1, 2, Joe kicks out. Ray now up and gets hit by the Green Mist from Conor. He goes for the cover, 1, 2, 3. Bell rings, Ray is out. It's down to four men.

Conor gets up with a satisfied smirk on his face. He turns around and finds himself in a spinebuster. Joe covers, 1, 2, Conor rolls the shoulder. Joe gets up he sees Shane running right at him, but it would go Burgett's way as he hits another spinebuster. Now he lifts Shane up for the Saving Grace.

Ryan takes Conor and throws him into Burgett which makes Burgett screw up the Saving Grace. Ryan catches Shane and hits the Hell Raiser. The cover, 1, 2, 3.

Ryan eliminates Shane Howard leaving only him, Conor Green, and the reigning World Champion, Joe Burgett.

With Conor still down Ryan goes to the top rope. Ryan hits a perfect moonsault on top of Conor. Here's the cover, 1, 2, 3. It's down to Burgett and Ryan.

From behind Burgett nails him with the chair. Joe for the spoiler, 1, 2, Ryan's determination keeps him in the match. Joe Burgett getting frustrated so he gets the steps. He throws them into the ring and slides back into the ring as well. He gets in and up and right away Ryan catches him for a hurricanna.

Ryan now going back to the top rope. He hits an amazing Shooting Star Press. Now that's amazing highflying ability. Here's the cover, 1, 2, oh so close. Ryan getting frustrated.

He waits for him to get up, as he is looking to hit his finisher. He goes for it, but Joe turns it into a neckbreaker. Joe gets back up and just stares at Ryan. Joe lifts Ryan up and hits the Saving Grace. Here's the cover, 1, 2, 3. The match is over.

(Announcer) Here is your winner and still World Heavyweight Champion, Joe Burgett!

(Jeff) Well, Ryan tried, but in the end Joe did prove himself.

(C. #2) He put on a hell of a performance, even though it was Ryan who did most of the work on eliminating people.

As Joe was walking back down the ramp he gets and unexpected visit from JLB. He spins Joe around so he faces him and hits the Lariat Of Death on Joe.

(JLB) I believe you have something that belongs to me. But it's only after Judgment Day that this will be official, so for now I'll leave this with you (places the belt beside Burgett). Next week will be just like today.

You will be on the ground after you've been destroyed by me. And it'll be the same story at Extreme Rules except the only difference is going to be that your going to be inside a casket. Sleep tight, Mr. Burger.

(JLB leaves)

Raw ends!      

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