Nebraska Football: Tommie Frazier Blasts Coaches, Bo Pelini Fires Back

Erin SorensenContributor ISeptember 16, 2013

After Saturday's blowout loss to UCLA, many Nebraska fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. By Saturday night, former Cornhusker quarterback Tommie Frazier joined in.

In an extended tweet, Frazier called for change that included the removal of a majority of the defensive coaching staff at Nebraska.

The complete, verbatim text read:

After letting it sink in for about 4 hours I still struggling. It's time to get rid of the defensive play caller, the Dc, lb dl and db coaches. I hate saying this but this crap is getting old. How in the hell do you not make adjustments or put your players in the position to compete? If this is what is going to happen for the remainder of the season, count me out. I don't care if we lose a game but the way we are losing is just not what #Nebraska fans deserve. I have fought, bled, and cried over this program. I didn't do all that for the program to become what it has today. Time for change! I will comment about the offense this week on Tommie's X's and O's. Trust me you don't want to miss it. #Huskers


With 602 responses so far to Frazier's tweet, fans and members of the media were left wondering what head coach Bo Pelini's reaction would be. At today's weekly press conference, those curious got their answer.

When asked about Frazier's remarks, Pelini first brushed the question off by saying he hardly payed attention to it. Unfortunately for the head coach, he continued.

"If he feels that way, so be it," Pelini said. "We don't need him. That's a shame."

Twitter immediately responded.

Was Pelini justified in firing back at Frazier? It's not a simple answer.

On one hand, Pelini should have let the question go. By saying Nebraska does not need Frazier, Pelini reinforced the "us against the world" mentality that has followed him in his six years as head coach. Frazier is a Husker legend. By calling out the former quarterback, fans are left to choose sides, and more often than not they will not choose Pelini.

Frazier is allowed to have an opinion. While calling for several coaches jobs so early in the season may be premature, it's still Frazier's right to say anything. It's also Pelini's right to take issue with and react to what Frazier had to say. The difference is that by firing back, Pelini gained nothing but unwanted and unnecessary attention.

Pelini did go on to say in the press conference that he has done everything he can to include former Nebraska players. Unfortunately, that part of his overall statement will go unnoticed.

Some fans will side with Pelini; most will side with Frazier. Regardless, it's an uncomfortable situation as Nebraska tries to rebound from the blowout loss to the Bruins.

In the hours since Pelini's statement, Frazier has responded via Twitter.

Fans will be waiting for Pelini's response. However, the coach needs to simply ignore it and move forward. At the end of the day, if Pelini wants to make it statement, it needs to be on the field and not off of it.

That's what ultimately matters to fans.

It's going to be an interesting week in Husker Nation. Here's to hoping that what really matters prevails.