Diva Spotlight: Mickie James

Christi LottCorrespondent IMay 17, 2009

I've decided to do a feature article on each and every Diva and Knockout. The articles will be coming twice a week and will cover why they're good, etc.

This week's Spotlight is on four time WWE Women's Champion and resident popular Diva Mickie James!

Why she's good:

Mickie was truly blessed with timing. She came in as a psycho lesbian fan of then most popular Diva Trish Stratus, and was not only able to turn on her in an extremely psycho fashion, but took the fans with her. Wrestlemania 22 will always stand out for me as a representation of the unexpected.

The fans fully supported her and loudly booed the WWE's resident favorite. She has managed to take that momentum and remain nearly every fans favorite Diva.

Mickie's also got the indy cred that separates her from the majority of the Divas. She's a very solid wrestler, energetic and capable of putting on a show.

You can never deny that when Mickie is in the ring she makes the match more exciting, and always makes her opponent look good. She's naturally got what many Divas try to create: a personality and an ability to always get the fans involved in the matches.

Why she's bad:

There's nothing really bad about except things that are not her fault. Her character has gotten stale and the WWE hasn't done much about that. She also doesn't really have much competition anymore on RAW. I was hoping she and not Candice Michelle would be moved to Smackdown because she needs a breath of fresh air.

A feud with Maryse will only go so far, and then nothing has changed. She and Beth's feud has run dry, Jillian has never been pushed as a contender of any kind, and Rosa is far too green.

Perhaps she can still turn heel, but even then she'll still be a fan favorite, especially since there's no other face on RAW equal to her in which fans would care about her beating up, nor is there one that would be able to keep up in the ring with her as a contender.

What she brings to the WWE:

She brings everything they can hope for in their Divas: personality, talent, and the undeniable ability to entertain. Mickie by all rights is now the resident veteran, and every Diva would be wise to do everything they can to follow in her footsteps.

She used the feud with Trish to get herself over and without question took the "Most Popular Diva" crown from her, but not because it was a logical step. But because she earned it. Mickie has worked very hard in her long career to be where she is and can now truly enjoy the rewards.

Stay tuned next week as I take a look at TNA's Velvet Sky and WWE's third generation star Natalya!