Post-Draft Offense: Weakest Link Is Childress

Carrie DaklinCorrespondent IMay 17, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 14: Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress challenges a call in the third quarter of the game against the Indianapolis Colts at the Metrodome on September 14, 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Colts defeated the Vikings 18-15. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

In looking over the roster for next season and I'm encouraged by what I see.

Adrian Peterson is back for what is the final season on his current contract, Bernard Berrian is healthy, Sydney Rice seems on the mend, I'm excited for Phil Loadholt, but you can't blame a former Sooner for that, and with the addition of Percy Harvin to the roster, who I like to think of as lightening-footed, I think we have the makings of a darn good team.

The quarterback issue, however, is an issue. After watching Tavaris Jackson choke during the Eagle's game last season, I have little confidence is his ability to handle the stress if we made it deep into the playoffs.

As an individual, he seems nice enough. He seems to have a good work ethic and honest desire to succeed. And tenacity is why so many of these players are where they are, but I don't see Jackson having the "cojones" for the QB job.

As far as Rosenfels, he does generate some excitement for me. Watching some of his truly successful plays from last season gives me goosebumps, but again, can he be consistent with that?

Can he psyche out the other team, can he stand at the line of scrimmage and project the presence of a winner? Because frankly, I think that is what the QB has to do—intimidate (his opponent) and thereby authenticate his surrounding teammates.

I want a QB, not on the lines of Michael Vick, but maybe on the lines of well, let's just say it, Favre.

You know that look your mother gave you when you knew you were in trouble? The one where you weren't entirely certain you were going to survive once she'd gotten a hold of you? The one that had you praying for mercy?

That's the way I want my offensive line to stand there looking at their opponent next season—with a presence that makes them weak just from "The Look."

Still, I think Rosenfels could pull that off with the proper coaching, someone who could really get into his head and get his head right. Coach Childress is not that guy.

Where is this man's passion?

If a lack of passion isn't evidenced in his routine, run, run, pass, punt—which even after watching football only one season, I find tedious—then it is surely apparent in his unenthusiastic demeanor during press conferences.

What gets this guy excited?

He's the equivalent of warm milk before bed. He bores me and damn near puts me to sleep. He draws boo's from his own fans over plays he calls.

His West Coast Offense? I know I'm still new at this, but I liken that offense to the kids game of "Hot Potato," just pass it on to the next person.

And the emphasis is on the word "pass."

You don't hang onto it unless, of course, you want to get burnt.

That man's hands must be blistered!

We've got potential and I couldn't be more excited for this season to start.

I think we have the makings of a good team: young, excited, a couple of former Sooners (did I say that?) and most of all, I think they are ready.

I think they are hungry.

If coach Childress can't find a way to satisfy their appetites, if he feeds them just a another steady diet of routine and redundancy, they won't get the proper nutrition and we'll be out.